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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Scadu Altus: All Dungeons, Bosses and more

Need an overview of Scadu Altus? Here's everything you need to know.

A warrior stands at the entrance to Scadu Atlus in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

Scadu Altus is one of the main regions in Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and will likely be the second main area you come to after Gravesite Plain.

You'll need to pass through here as part of Shadow of the Erdtree's critical path and story, and like Gravesite Plain before it, Scadu Altus has several hidden areas and locations to find along the way. To make sure you don't miss anything on offer, we've listed everything you need to know about Scadu Altus below, including where to find its map fragment, every dungeon, boss and Site of Grace.

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How to get to Scadu Altus

Normal route: To get to Scadu Altus, you'll need to complete Castle Ensis in Gravesite Plain. After beating Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, the doors leading off her boss arena will open out to the rear of the castle, onto Scadu Altus.

Hidden route: If Rellana is proving too difficult for you, though, there is a secret way to get to Scadu Altus that doesn't involve beating one of the main bosses. From the Site of Grace 'Castle Front' in Gravesite Plain, head south-east down the valley, past the squabbling trolls. Go under the large stone archway above until you come to some poison bogs. Turn left and ride along the cliff-face, until you've passed a large plant on your left.

Just beyond this plant, you'll see a Sealed Spiritspring, which looks like a large air vent with a pyramid of stones inside it. You'll need to unseal this before you can use it, and thankfully, the seal is very close by - it's just up above you on the rocky ledge. Look for another pyramid of stones, this time surrounded by a circle of pebbles, and smash it to unseal the Spiritspring. Return to the vent below, and use your horse Torrent to leap up the cliffs. You'll eventually arrive at the Fort of Reprimand, which is a short dungeon you'll need to get through before you start exploring Scadu Altus at will.

Scadu Altus Map

Here's a complete map of Scadu Altus, which is located in the northern part of the Shadow Realm:

A map screen from Shadow of the Erdtree, showing the region of Scadu Atlus.
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

Scadu Altus Map Fragment

There is one Map Fragment in Scadu Altus. It's located just north of the Site of Grace 'Highroad Cross', along the main road towards the Shadow Keep.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree scadu atlus map fragment location circled on the map.
Armoured character looking at map fragment stele in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

Scadu Altus Sub-regions

Scadu Altus covers a surprisingly large area of the Shadow Realm map, and in our opinion, falls into three distinct sub-regions:

  • Scadu Altus Central
  • Scaduview (North of Shadow Keep)
  • Scaduview Hinterland (Eastern peninsula, accessed via the Shadow Keep's Back Gate)

Scadu Altus Dungeons

There are 7 Dungeons in Scadu Altus:

Scadu Altus Sites of Grace

There are 38 Sites of Grace in Scadu Altus, including those in the Shadow Keep:

  • Highroad Cross
  • Scadu Altus, West
  • Moorth Ruins
  • Moorth Highway, South
  • Fort of Reprimand
  • Behind the Fort of Reprimand
  • Scaduview Cross
  • Bonny Village
  • Bonny Gaol
  • Bridge Leading to the Village
  • Church District Highroad
  • Cathedral of Manus Metyr
  • Finger Birthing Grounds
  • Ruined Forge of Starfall Past
  • Castle Watering Hole
  • Recluses' River Upstream
  • Recluses' River Downstream
  • Darklight Catacombs
  • Shadow Keep Main Gate
  • Main Gate Plaza
  • Church District Entrance
  • Sunken Chapel
  • Tree-Worship Passage
  • Tree-Worship Sanctum
  • Storehouse, First Floor
  • Storehouse, Fourth Floor
  • Storehouse, Seventh Floor
  • Dark Chamber, Entrance
  • Storehouse, Back Section
  • Storehouse, Loft
  • West Rampart
  • Messmer's Dark Chamber
  • Scaduview
  • Shadow Keep, Back Gate
  • Scadutree Base
  • Hinterland
  • Hinterland Bridge
  • Fingerstone Hill

Scadu Altus Bosses

There are 24 Bosses in Scadu Altus, including 4 Remembrance Bosses:

  • Furnace Golem (Shadow Keep)
  • Furnace Golem (Cathedral of Manus Metyr)
  • Furnace Golem x2 (Ruins of Unte)
  • Ghostflame Dragon (south of Moorth Ruins)
  • Ralva the Great Red Bear (north of Moorth Ruins)
  • Black Knight Edredd (Fort of Reprimand)
  • Curseblade Labirith (Bonny Gaol)
  • Fire Knight Queelign (Church of the Crusade)
  • Rakshasa (Eastern Nameless Mausoleum
  • Red Bear (Northern Nameless Mausoleum)
  • Jori, Elder Inquisitor (Darklight Catacombs)
  • Commander Gaius (Scaduview)
  • Scadutree Avatar (Scadutree Base)
  • Swordhand of the Night Anna (Cathedral of Manus Metyr)
  • Swordhand of the Night Jolan (Cathedral of Manus Metyr)
  • Count Ymir, Mother of Fingers (Cathedral of Manus Metyr)
  • Metyr, Mother of Fingers (Finger Birthing Grounds)
  • Tree Sentinel Duo (Scaduview Hinterland)
  • Fallingstar Beast (Fingerstone Hill)
  • Ulcerated Tree Spirit x2 (Shadow Keep, Sunken Chapel)
  • Golden Hippopotamus (Shadow Keep)
  • Messmer the Impaler / Base Serpent Messmer (Shadow Keep)

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