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How to beat Scadutree Avatar in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

What’s flowering in Scadutree Base.

Scadutree Avatar
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The Scadutree Avatar is an optional boss in Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, but one that you will want to fight if you wish to collect all ten Remembrances in the expansion. It is also arguably one of the toughest bosses, mostly because you have to fight it more than once.

Its name may have you recalling the Erdtree Avatars found in the Lands Between, but we think it bears a closer resemblance to the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, albeit in the form of a giant killer sunflower that can also channel deadly holy attacks. It can also regenerate itself, meaning you’ll require more endurance than usual. For that reason, we would recommend leaving this Remembrance boss until much later.

But if you’re feeling prepared, then this guide will give you all the information you need on how to beat the Scadutree Avatar in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

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How to prepare for the Scadutree Avatar boss fight

The Scadutree Avatar can be found at Scadutree Base, which is actually the arena for the entire fight. To reach it, you need to reach it via the Sunken Chapel in the Shadow Keep’s Church District. The nearest Site of Grace is called 'Tree-Worship Sanctum', which is also where you can find Marika’s Rune.

The door to Scadutree Base
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While that means it’s possible to face this boss as soon as you can make it into the east side of the Shadow Keep via the Church District, given that it hits hard and has multiple phases (and a health bar for each), we recommended that you save this fight for much later in the game, or even for last. Summoning one of Erdtree's Spirit Ashes is also highly recommended to help you last longer in the fight and so that you’re not always being targeted.

A melee build is best as you want to get in close to deal the most damage to its sunflower head, but this boss is also weak to fire and magic damage.

Its attacks cannot be parried nor can you break its poise, although it can still technically be staggered and punished at the end of each phase. The boss can inflict bleed build-up which can lead to very damaging blood loss when the gauge is full, so it is worth having Stanching Boluses consumables, the Bestial Constitution spell or Lord’s Aid incantation to prevent this from happening.

How to beat the Scadutree Avatar

The Scadutree Base where you fight Scadutree Avatar is a pretty large arena, which poses some problems when you start the fight. The first time you enter this area, the fight doesn’t begin until you reach the boss, which initially looks like a dormant, withered giant sunflower. On subsequent attempts, however, it will begin with three ranged attacks with its spiky roots coming at you from the ground as soon as you step through the fog door.

These roots will build up bleed status - and when three direct hits are enough to fill the bar and cause very damaging blood loss, you'll want to avoid this at all costs. You can’t outrun or mitigate bleed build-up with a shield, and those tree trunks you see around the arena do not make for good hiding spots, as those roots will tear right through them. You can however dodge them, so do this and quickly try to close the distance.

Attacked by spiked roots
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Once you’re up close to the Scadutree Avatar, it will attack you with its long tree limbs, either swinging them at you or just slamming the ground. It will also slam its sunflower head down at you too. The latter is what you’d prefer because while it’s tempting to try and stay under it to avoid it attacks and then go for the base, you will inflict almost double the damage when targeting the head.

It’s therefore better to bide your time, block or dodge these attacks then aim for the head when it’s in range rather than just swinging at its trunk.

Keeping a bit of distance will also be to your benefit when it’s charging up a holy attack. When it's about to perform one of these attacks, it will raise its head and charge up a blast that produces a number of projectiles, a combination of light and shadow, that home down on you. As long as you have your eye on them and anticipate it, you can dodge them before they hit you.

Scadutree Avatar's light and shadow projectiles in the air about to descend on Tarnished
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When its health has been depleted, don’t celebrate yet. You’re unfortunately going to have to fight it again two more times. However, you’ll notice that the Scadutree Avatar collapses while its sunflower head is glowing orange, similar to enemies who get staggered with a weak point. Approach the head and you can deliver a damaging riposte. When its next phase comes, it will have 75% of its health rather than a new full bar.

Be warned that it will only be in this collapsed position for a few seconds so you ideally want to already be in front of it when you land your killing blow. It’s also possible that the environment you’re fighting on might cause its head to not drop straight to the ground but slightly above it, meaning it will be out of reach for a riposte. So if you miss the window, it will evaporate and then re-emerge with full health.

Attacking staggered Scadutree Avatar with critical blow
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Second phase

For its second phase, Scadutree Avatar retains most of its original attacks but is also more aggressive. In particular, it can charge at you three times consecutively, which it will always do at the beginning of this phase. Fortunately, these can all be blocked with a shield with 100% physical block, and you will have time for the stamina gauge to recover before its subsequent charges.

Its attacks are also considerably thornier, still using the ranged spike roots attack, while its tree-limb slams as a combo can end with a charged attack that finishes with thorns bursting from the ground nearby - all of which will also add to bleed build-up.

Scadutree Avatar charging at Tarnished
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Third phase

For its third phase, you’ll want to get away from the Scadutree Avatar as far as possible because it will begin by charging up light in its whole body and then let out a huge explosion of light that can easily one-shot you if your vigor isn’t high enough. The AOE is huge so if you can’t get away, at least put your shield up to mitigate some of the damage.

It may trigger this attack again during this phase, and also has a variation where it explodes three times when it’s close to its death throes. So while you want to get in close for attacks, if it suddenly stops moving and its chest starts glowing yellow, that’s your cue to get out of the way.

However, if you managed to deal another critical blow at the end of its second phase, it will at least have only 75% of its health in this phase. Hopefully you’ve also got enough healing flasks to get you through, while your Spirit Ash is still alive if you’ve summoned one.

Scadutree Avatar's chest glowing bright for a charged light explosion
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Scadutree Avatar Rewards

With the Scadutree Avatar felled, you’ll be rewarded with 260,000 runes, Miquella’s Great Rune, as well as Remembrance of the Shadow Sunflower, the latter which can be consumed for more runes or exchanged with Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable Hold for new items.

Remembrance of the Shadow Sunflower reward
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

You’ll also be able to activate the Site of Grace for the Scadutree Base, but otherwise there is nothing else for you here. There may nonetheless be more secrets for you to discover in Shadow of the Erdtree, whether you’re after more Remembrances from legendary bosses or want to know how to complete questlines for the characters you’ve encountered in the Shadow Realm.

Need more help? Jump back to our list of Shadow of The Erdtree bosses or our Shadow of The Erdtree tips and tricks.

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