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Does Zenless Zone Zero have Co-op?

How to play with your friends in New Eridu City.

Does Zenless Zone Zero have a co-op mode? That's a good question, especially for a game where you can create a team of Agents to help you take on Ethereals and safely explore the Hollows to uncover dark secrets.

Zenless Zone Zero puts an emphasis on working as a team to safely navigate the dangers you'll face on your adventures, especially working together with your sibling in Random Play to maintain your status as legendary Proxies. Therefore, being able to play with your friends makes sense, right?

Without further ado, here's everything we know about playing co-op in Zenless Zone Zero.

Does Zenless Zone Zero have Coop?

Yes, Zenless Zone Zero does have co-op but not in the way you'd initially think it would. Currently, you can play with your friends in the Godfinger Arcade in New Eridu City. It's just opposite the Waterfall Soup Noodle Shop.

To be able to play Coop in the Arcade you need to select the 'Arcade Mode' option.

zenless zone zero arcade mode option in godfinger arcade

Currently, there are two games that allow co-op in the Arcade:

  • Snake Duel - Clash (up to four players)
  • Soul Hounds III - Group Hunt (up to four players)

You can tell how many players a game will allow if you look in the bottom right corner of the selection panels:

zenless zone zero godfinger arcade snake duel player limit highlighted

Once you've selected your chosen mode, you can then invite up to three of your friends to join you by clicking on the 'Plus' icons in the bottom right corner. Then, simply invite who you want to join you and get playing!

zenless zone zero godfinger arcade invite friends option highlighted

We will update this page as we learn more about Coop opportunities.

That's it for now! If you're looking for more Zenless Zone Zero content then check out our pages showing you all of the HIA Commemorative Coin locations on Sixth Street. We've also got pages showing you how to get Polychrome and how to get Bangboo too.

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