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How to get Certified Proxy Inter-Knot level in Zenless Zone Zero

Plus, how to get Inter-Knot Credit.

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You'll come across the term Certified Proxy Inter-Knot level in Zenless Zone Zero quite early in your adventures in and around New Eridu City. However, naturally, the game really doesn't tell you too much about what exactly this is.

Your Inter-Knot level in Zenless Zone Zero is one of the many keys to unlocking more, bigger, better, and stronger content for your journey. There's also Inter-Knot Credit which is yet another thing you need to master if you want to progress.

With that in mind, here's how to get the Certified Proxy Inter-Knot level in Zenless Zone Zero and an explainer on what that actually means.

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What does Certified Proxy Inter-Knot level mean?

The Certified Proxy Inter-Knot level in Zenless Zone Zero is the first big milesetone you'll reach when climbing Inter-Knot levels. You'll do a lot of different things by climbing Inter-Knot levels, including being able to level-up certain Agents and increasing your Reputation Rank among other things.

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This term is first thrown at you with very little context, so it's quite easy to be confused as to its meaning. Essentially, it's one of many milestones you'll reach while playing Zenless Zone Zero and, arguably, as it's the first one it's the most important to learn about.

How to get Certified Proxy Inter-Knot level

To get the Certified Proxy Inter-Knot level you need to collect Inter-Knot Credit ( also known as Inter-Knot EXP) to raise your Inter-Knot level. Now, there are multiple different ways you can do this and you'll often find that you're earning Credit without even trying.

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Here are all of the ways to earn Inter-Knot Credit in Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Story Commissions - You'll be doing these commissions anyway as you progress through the story, so this is an easy way to earn Credit - though it will be more effective if you combine this method with the others mentioned below.
  • Combat Commissions - You can take these on through the Hollow Deep Dive (HDD) in Random Play. We also recommend doing these to hone your combat skills in a safe environment as well as learning how to effectively use your chosen Agents to defeat enemies.
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  • Exploration Commissions - These can also be taken on in Random Play through the Hollow Deep Dive (HDD), as well as earning yourself a few extra rewards on top for completing them.
  • Side Quests - Pick these up as you explore around New Eridu City and you'll gain Credits upon completion. Often, the amount of Credits you'll earn from doing so will depend on how difficult or complex the quest was.
  • Officer Mewmew challenges - Speak to Officer Mewmew to find out what challenges they have for you and then dilligently complete them to earn Credits, they can be simple enough tasks such as helping Bangboo. Also, by doing these challenges you can earn Mewmew Medals.
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  • Complete Trials - You can participate in these through the Compendium and they're a good way to further hone your skills (as well as challenge yourself). The trials tend to marry up with the point you're currently at in the main story meaning that they are possible to complete.
  • Complete Errands - These are Daily Missions that you can find in and take part through the Compendium. They can be as simple as visting Coff Cafe for your daily cup of coffee! As these refresh each real world day, and there's typically four to do each day, they're a solid choice for farming Credit - if you're patient enough to wait 24 hour for new ones to appear.
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  • Events - Some events that will appear can reward Credit (remember this is EXP). You can check whether any currently active events will reward your efforts with this by looking at said event through the 'Events' tab in-game.
  • Complete missions in Hollow Zero - Some specific missions that take place in Hollow Zero will reward you with Credit too.
  • Increase License Level - Earn Investigation Points through taking part in the Hollow Zero Operation to increase your License Level (while also earning rich item rewards). There is, however, a weekly limit on earning these points. You can use the Compendium to quickly check your progress (or enter the Hollow).
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  • Shiyu Defense - Take part in either the Stable Nodes, which are always open, or the Critical Nodes that are updated periodically in Hollow Zero to potentially earn Credits upon completion. If a Critical Node doesn't currently reward Credit then it's worth checking again after it has been updated as the rewards will alter with the update.
  • HIA Club challenges - You can take part in these through the VR Headset in Random Play, not only will you earn materials needed to level-up your fellow Agents but there's also a chance you'll get Credit for doing them.

That's all for now! We hope you enjoy Zenless Zone Zero.

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