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The fantastic Mountain Everest 60 keyboard is just $20 (!!!) from Newegg

A price cut of over $100.

I don't know what's in the water over at Newegg at the moment, but there's a serious deal on a fantastic mechanical keyboard with over $100 off its list price. The Mountain Everest 60 is one of our favourite 60 percent keyboards because of its clever modular design and thoughtful touches overall, and Newegg has knocked it down to $20. Yep, twenty bucks. This is a keyboard that regularly goes for a hell of a lot more than this, and has made headlines when discounted closer to $75, let alone a price this low. I'm not sure why the online retailer has done this, but I'm all for it.

As the name suggests, it's a 60 percent layout option, giving you the alphanumeric keys you need and little else - no nav cluster, no function row. However, the Everest Max 60 comes with arrow keys, providing a little more in the way of functionality than other keyboards with the same layout. Elsewhere, it looks and feels excellent with an aluminium faceplate for extra durability, while this keyboard also comes with extra-durable PBT doubleshot keycaps comprised of quality plastics with legends that will never fade. On a keyboard at this price, that's seriously good.

There is per-key RGB lighting, of course, while Mountain's Base Camp software provides useful customisation for RGB lighting and key functions. The Everest Max 60 also benefits from Mountain's ingenious modularity. The keyboard can have a number pad attached to it virtually at will to give you the convenience of a number pad alongside a small layout keyboard which can be taken off and attached for maximum flexibility. You also get a choice of three USB-C ports for plugging the 'board into, which is handy.

As much as Mountain keyboards in the past have featured Cherry's MX switches, this Everest Max 60 opts to go for Mountain's own switches. In this particular variant, it comes with the lubricated Linear45 switches to offer a smooth and snappy actuation. Combined with this, there are several layers of foam and sound dampening which, combined with lubricated stabilisers, allows the Everest Max 60 to offer a deep sound and satisfying acoustics. This is also a hot-swappable keyboard, offering you the chance to swap in both 3 and 5-pin switches, if Mountain's aren't your jam.

If you want to grab a fantastic 60 percent keyboard with lots of flexibility for an absolute steal, this Newegg deal on the Mountain Everest Max 60 is not to be missed.

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