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This open-box AMD Ryzen 5 7600X is down to just £142 with an eBay discount code

ANNIVERSARY25 strikes again.

If you're wanting to jump into the world of Ryzen 7000 at an affordable cost, then the Ryzen 7600X is well worth a look, as you can get in on a future-proofed PC build on the cheap. At the moment, there's a fantastic deal going on the 7600X with eBay discount code ANNIVERSARY25 which is one of the most potent we've seen in a while. With it, from the PhoneUSLTD eBay store, it's down to £142, which is one of the lowest prices it's ever been.

Before I go any further, I should say this is what the store describes as an 'open box' product. In essence, this means that the box has simply been opening, but the CPU is otherwise as-new. As much as the store also states that the fan is missing from the box, the 7600X doesn't actually come with a Wraith cooler anyway, so you aren't missing out on any accessories by going for an open-box one like this.

The 7600X comes with six cores and 12 threads, as well as a boost clock of 5.3GHz, making it an especially snappy processor that's suitable for a wide range of intense workloads. This proved true in our review and testing, where the 7600X provided some high flying results in the likes of Flight Simulator 2020. At 1080p, the 7600X served up a result of 59fps with 5200MT/s RAM, while with a 6000MT/s kit it reached 65fps in the same test. Intriguingly, these results make for some of the best that we've seen in FS 2020 and some distance ahead of last-gen options, certainly proving that the 7600X is a worthy choice for gaming. With this in mind, it's the chip's single core performance that helps to push it ahead of both AMD's own chips and some of Intel's best from the past too, such as the 12700K, while also pushing close to the 12900K, too.

As well as being a solid choice for gaming for the price, the 7600X also proved its worth for content creation workloads, too. Its results in Cinebench R20 reveal the major generational upgrades that Ryzen 7000 brings, even at one of it mote affordable levels, with a 25 percent increase in single-core speeds compared to the 5600X, and perhaps more impressively, a marginal upgrade on Ryzen 5000's top performer, the Ryzen 9 5950X. The 7600X also outperforms the 5800X in video encoding workloads too, with a higher transcode framerate of 20fps.

It's also worth noting that as much as the barriers to entry for Ryzen 7000 are a bit higher with the fact you're building on a new platform, that we are seeing strides for things to become more affordable. The introduction of the newer A620 chipset makes the AM5 platform a lot more affordable, even if it means sacrificing on PCIe 5.0 support, and it's also worth noting that component prices for DDR5 are coming down, and speedy NVMe SSDs can also be had for reasonably affordable prices, making the 7600X an even more attractive proposition overall.

If you are someone in the market for a new CPU to act as the main piece of a new system, the Ryzen 5 7600X offers some amazing price to performance, and at just £142 for an open-box one from eBay is fantastic.

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