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Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her changes name again for Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss

Death by a thousand pokes.

Let Me Solo Her player wearing jar on head celebrates after defeating Elden Ring boss
Image credit: Let Me Solo Her

Let Me Solo Her has once again changed their name as part of an effort to help other players defeat Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss.

Last week, the legendary player changed their name to Let Me Solo Him to help with a certain boss encountered around halfway through the DLC.

Now they've turned their attention to the notoriously tricky final boss that's had players stumped. Spoilers follow.

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In a new video with the description "Finally, the trilogy", Let Me Solo Her becomes Let Me Solo Them for the battle against final boss Radahn, Consort of Miquella (thanks GamesRadar).

The jarhead legend is summoned by a player called I'm Sorry, before single-handedly beating the pair of bosses with perfect precision.

So how is it done? Multiple Antspur Rapiers are used, in part due to its buildup of Scarlet Rot. After all, that's what Radahn and the region of Caelid are inflicted with in the base game. This rapier also has bleed damage and is used against Promised Consort Radahn.

Two further Antspur Rapiers are used in the second phase against Radahn and Miquella. The first inflicts ice damage to slow the boss down; the second inflicts poison for a gradual build up of damage. It's the latter that eventually kills the boss, without the need for a final stab.

All the while, Let Me Solo Them dodges every single attack to not lose a single point of health. When some of us really struggled against the boss, it's actually filthy to watch this in action.

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But why are so many people struggling against this boss? Over on reddit, players have been complaining about hitboxes.

A hitbox is where two characters make contact and damage is taken. However, during this final boss, it appears that damage is sometimes taken before a hit makes contact and the player has a chance to block or dodge.

For example, one player takes damage before a hit makes contact; another player gets struck down mid-roll when it should have been dodged. This, as Kotaku points out, was a major criticism of bosses in Dark Souls 2, and it appears to have infected the final boss of Shadow of the Erdtree too.

If you're really struggling, you can always try the shield method - this proved successful for me. Otherwise, give Let Me Solo Them a call.

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