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Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her is back, but with a new name

While others one shot bosses with ease.

Close up of Messmer from Shadow of the Erdtree story trailer
Image credit: FromSoftware / Eurogamer

Elden Ring player Let Me Solo Her became a legend in the game's community for single-handedly assisting others to beat Malenia a thousand times, the game's most infamous boss - even receiving an official sword as a reward.

Now they've returned for Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree, with the aim of assisting others on a new boss. And with that, comes a new name.

Spoilers follow.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree | Official Launch TrailerWatch on YouTube

Let Me Solo Her is now Let Me Solo Him and Messmer is the new target.

Messmer is the fiery snake guy from the trailers who resides atop the Shadow Keep. Despite being fought only halfway through the DLC, he's a tricky boss with a Malenia-esque moveset that's proving difficult for many players.

For Let Me Solo Him, though, it looks like a breeze. They've successfully learnt the moveset and rhythm of attacks and, as shown in the video in the post below, are able to beat the boss single-handedly without taking a single hit.

Let Me Solo Him is one of multiple players online who are already showing off some impressive feats of skill.

Take Shura, who's managed to defeat the second major boss Rellana without armour and without taking a single hit. Instead, they use the Buckler Parry and new Deflecting Hardtear to parry every attack - simple right?! "It's like playing Sekiro on Elden Ring," they posted on YouTube.

Another streamer, Bushy, is attempting to beat each boss in Shadow of the Erdtree with just one hit, as spotted by VG247.

Bushy began with a 100 percent completed save file and spent a long stream experimenting with different builds. Eventually, around the six hour mark, the streamer beat Gaius in one hit with a perfume bottle build and plenty of buffing, madness spells. Then it was on to Messmer who also was defeated with laughable ease.

As for the rest of us, the Shadow of the Erdtree experience has been more like this:

Yesterday FromSoftware released an update for the game to rebalance its Shadow Blessings, which should make the game a little easier.

Which boss are you struggling with most?

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