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This 27-inch 1440p 165Hz monitor from LG is down to £200 from Amazon

That's a fair chunk off.

Gaming monitors come in all shapes and sizes, but the price/performance sweet spot is a 27-inch 1440p panel. This provides a good mixture of detail and responsiveness at a reasonable price, and today you can pick up one of the best options in this category for £200 after a handy £80 discount. That makes for a fantastic price on one of LG's newest affordable gaming monitors.

That combo of a 27-inch panel and a 2560x1440 resolution alongside a 165Hz refresh rate gives you plenty of detail for slower-paced games and work plus a responsive feel that doesn't require the high-end GPU you'd want for a 4K panel. VRR is included as well to smooth out the on-screen action regardless of frame-rate, with compatibility for both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD's FreeSync Premium. Moreover, as an IPS screen, the 27GR75Q also provides the excellent combo of great viewing angles and marvellous colour reproduction for a vibrant gaming experience.

The 27GR75Q also comes with a quoted 300 nits of brightness offering some decent vibrancy, while its quoted 99 percent coverage of the sRGB colour space means that it's perfectly fine for colour-accurate work in SDR. There is also support for HDR10, although the meagre brightness figure won't be high enough to truly deliver impactful HDR highlights. The monitor has both DisplayPort and HDMI outputs, suitable for a wide range of PCs, laptops and consoles, with the best performance permitted by the DisplayPort option - on HDMI, you'll be limited to 1440p 120Hz with VRR, which is still decent, although doesn't take full advantage of this panel.

This is also a decent-looking monitor, with slim bezels all around, as well as some convenient adjustment on a stand that supports height and tilt, and you can also pivot the monitor to be vertical, if you so choose. LG also bundles some handy internal smarts such as a crosshair on the display, as well as an FPS counter, if you're interested in keeping track.

The only thing this monitor is lacking is a newer-generation Fast IPS panel, which provides better pixel response times and therefore improved motion clarity. This is a nice benefit and is especially useful in fast-paced, competitive games in the racing, MOBA or FPS genres, but these monitors that use these Fast IPS panels tend to cost £300 - so on a monitor at £200, this is a perfectly acceptable sacrifice.

£200 for this LG 27GR75Q is a solid deal, providing a fair amount of features in a panel that also looks good and offers a decent gaming experience for the price.

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