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Starfield guides, tips and tricks

Our in-progress Starfield guides hub.

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Starfield is the long awaited science-fiction RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios. Released on Xbox Series X / S and PC, Starfield sends you on a journey through the cosmos.

Your first steps in Starfield are taken as a miner who happens to find a mysterious artefact while digging on a distant moon. You quickly find yourself working alongside Constellation - a group dedicated to exploring space and uncovering the true origins of the artefact. Though you may find that the stars are calling you down a different path. It could be one of piracy and smuggling or maybe you want to step foot on every single planet and moon there is.

The galaxy is vast so, to assist in your space endeavours, you'll find all of our Starfield guides listed below. There's also a host of Starfield tips and tricks to help you get started!

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Starfield guides list: All of our Starfield guides listed

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Starfield tips and tricks

Here are some Starfield tips and tricks to help you on your interstellar journey:

  • Plan out your Skill selections. We recommend taking a good look at all five of the Skills Trees in Starfield, so you can map out what kind of build you'd like to have. This will help you later on as you'll need to decide which Skills to invest more points in and which ones to unlock. Remember that Backgrounds provide you with three Skills automatically, but you can't change your Background after selecting it.
  • Traits can be removed. If you decide that you don't like a Trait, then there is a way to remove it. Some Traits can be removed at Reliant Medical surgeries, but others may require a different method... Keep in mind that once a Trait is removed, you can't get it back.
  • Don't let your guard down after grav-jumping! Space is vast and you'll never truly know what's out there, which means you may find yourself in the middle of a battle after fast travelling between star systems or planets. While you can run away, assisting the friendly ship may net you a reward.
  • You can't land a ship during combat. It's not safe to land a ship while it's being fired on, but, if you find yourself in a battle you don't wish to fight, you can always grav-jump to another part of space.
  • Unlock the Targeting Control Systems skill. This Skill can be incredibly helpful during spaceship combat, because, after locking onto an enemy ship, it will allow you to directly target one of its systems - from the Lasers to the Shields. So, not only does it improve your aim, but it can help you board and take over enemy ships by targeting their defences.
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  • Keep an eye out for green first aid boxes. If the light of a first aid box is on, then it contains at least one item which will either provide you with health or help fix an Affliction. If the light is off, however, then the box is already empty.
  • Regain health by sleeping. If you don't want to use a Med Pack or eat a meal to regain your health, you can always take a short nap. Just remember to always include a bunk in your ship design and you'll be able to have a healing sleep whenever you like. It may even help fix an Affliction...
  • Beware of Afflictions! These are Starfield's version of status effects and there are two types you need to look out for - injuries and infections. Injuries can result from combat or falling from a great height, while infections come from both biological and creature hazards. Some Afflictions will heal on their own, while others need either a specific health item or a visit to the doctor.
  • Always hide your Contraband. You may find yourself picking up some Contraband - items banned in the Settled Systems - on your travels. If you're caught carrying these items either on your ship or in person, then you'll be arrested. To successfully hide Contraband on your ship, you need to have some Shielded Cargo space and, ideally a Scan Jammer. While these items are rarely on sale, you can find them on enemy ships...
  • Avoid being arrested! If you're caught committing a crime, like hacking or murder, on a planet in the Settled Systems you may find yourself being arrested. Ending up in prison will lead to you losing some precious XP, but you won't decrease in Level or lose any Skills.
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  • As long as you're in the same star system, you can Fast Travel between planets. It's possible to quickly Fast Travel between any planet in the same star system, which is perfect for resource gathering. Though you may want to check the atmosphere of a planet before making the move...
  • Always scan a new planet before you land. While scanning a planet before you land on it for the first time won't tell you everything you need to know about it, you may learn some important information. This can be anything from a resource you can find on it to whether the atmosphere is breathable.
  • Have the Scanner open when exploring a new planet. This will allow you to keep track of how many resources, fauna or flora can be found on the planet, along with any traits it might have. Fully completing the Survey Percentage for a planet will reward you with its survey data, which can be sold, XP and an outpost production bonus for that world.
  • Use the Scanner to Fast Travel. The Scanner doesn't just help you gather information about planets, you can also use it to Fast Travel back to your ship. Simply look around for the Ship icon and, once selected, you'll be given the Fast Travel icon. You can also use the Scanner to Fast Travel around certain locations like New Altantis.
  • Take the time to fully explore any settlements you visit. Alongside the new characters, sights and vendors you can visit, wandering around a settlement can lead you to pick up new Missions or Activities by overhearing conversations and announcements.
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  • Assign weapons and health items as favourites. Favoriting an item will let you add it to the Quickslot menu where, as the name suggests, you'll be able to access it quickly whenever you like. This is perfect for when you want to switch guns during combat. Make sure you regularly update your Quickslot selections as you acquire more powerful weapons.
  • Don't forget about your cargo hold. From weapons to potted plants, you're going to be picking up an awful lot of items in Starfield and, before you know it, you'll be exceeding your Mass. When this happens, you'll consume more of your Oxygen Supply when sprinting. Thankfully all of your ships have their own cargo holds where you can store items you don't want to carry around with you. You can also purchase larger cargo holds, so your ship can carry even more items.
  • Talk to your companions when they ask to have a chat. Every so often one of your companions will want to talk to you. This may be because they want to give you an item they've found or it will unlock a new conversation which will allow you to grow closer to them. Who knows - maybe you'll find romance in the stars?
  • Remember to assign crew members and companions to your ship or outpost. Don't let your companions or crew members stand around idle, instead put them to work on either ship or an outpost. This way you can benefit from their own Skills, which is very useful if they have Skills you haven't invested points in yet.
Image credit: Bethesda
  • Don't want to see your spacesuit on breathable planets? There's an option for that. If you're playing in third person mode, then there's a good chance you don't want your character running about in their space suit all the time. You brought that cowboy hat after all, might as well see them wearing it. To do so, head to your Spacesuit and Helmet inventory where you'll find the option to hide these pieces of equipment on planets with a breathable atmosphere. Don't worry, the equipment will reappear when needed!
  • Red dots on the Star Map are star systems you can't currently visit. Either because you need to upgrade your ship's fuel capacity or due to an unexplored route, these red star systems are currently out of your range. If the route is unexplored, you'll have to jump to another star system on this route first to reach it. Don't worry - you simply have to visit the system once and then you can move on.
  • Remember to use your flashlight. While space sure is exciting, you'll also find yourself delving into caves or abandoned buildings during your adventure. When this happens remember to turn on your flashlight else you'll become lost in the dark.

Good luck travelling amongst the stars!

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