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Starfield Powers, including how to unlock and equip Powers

Space magic.

Image credit: Bethesda

Powers in Starfield are special abilities you’ll gradually unlock during your journey across the cosmos.

Ranging from pushing an enemy backwards with the might of gravity to being able to see what a person is considering saying, Powers grant you a dash of space magic in Starfield.

Below you’ll learn how to unlock and equip Powers in Starfield, including a list covering all of the Powers we’ve found so far.

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How to unlock Powers in Starfield

To unlock your first Power in Starfield you need to progress through the Into The Unknown main mission, which automatically unlocks after you’ve completed The Old Neighborhood. Since The Old Neighborhood is the second mission you’ll receive from Constellation, this means you can actually start unlocking Powers early on in Starfield.

During Into The Unknown, you’ll eventually find yourself visiting a planet to investigate a Scanner Anomaly site. Here you’ll end up following the distortions on your scanner until you reach the mysterious Temple Eta.

The planet you land on may look different to the one in the screenshot above. | Image credit: Bethesda

Upon entering the temple, you’ll find yourself floating around a room as a set of metal rings begin to rotate in its centre. Patches of glowing, swirling, lights will also begin to appear in the room and, when this happens, you need to float up to these patches and pass through them.

Go through these patches of lights. | Image credit: Bethesda

When you successfully pass through one of these patches of lights, the lights will spread out across the room and the rings will spin faster. You now need to continue passing through the patches of lights until the rings form a portal which you can enter.

After passing through the ring, you’ll find yourself outside of Temple Eta and in possession of the Anti-Gravity Field power!

Image credit: Bethesda

We now recommend finishing the Into The Unknown mission to automatically unlock Power From Beyond. This mission tasks you with travelling to various planets across the universe where you will, once again, find a temple where you can gain a new power.

The process of finding the temple is exactly the same as Into The Unknown - you’ll land on the planet at the Scanner Anomaly site and then follow the distortions on your scanner until you find the temple. When you enter the temple, you’ll have to fly through the glowing patches of light until the rings form a portal, which, after entering it, will grant you a new power.

Image credit: Bethesda

On certain planets, you may need to investigate a nearby anomaly before the scanner distortions occur. You may also just spot the temple anyway - they are quite big.

If the scanner distortions don't appear, try investigating a nearby geophysical feature. | Image credit: Bethesda

You may not, however, be able to unlock all of the powers straight away as accessing them is locked behind how many artefacts you’ve currently found. So, if you reach a point where there are no more temples for you to find, complete some more missions for Constellation until Power From Beyond automatically updates itself.

How to equip a Power in Starfield

To equip a Power in Starfield you need to enter the main menu and select the topmost option sitting directly above your character’s head. This will open the Power menu where you’ll be able to see how many Powers you’ve unlocked so far and, to equip one, simply select the Power of your choice.

Image credit: Bethesda

After doing so, a blue Power bar will appear beneath your Health bar. This Power bar will deplete when you use a Power and automatically refill itself when you’re not. Each Power will consume a certain amount of Power bar, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this bar when using your Powers!

Image credit: Bethesda

Powers can also be added to the Quickslot menu from there allowing you to quickly switch between them in combat.

Every Power we’ve currently found in Starfield listed

Below lies every Power we’ve currently found in Starfield, along with which temple they can be found within and how much Power is required to use them. We’ll update this guide as we find more powers.

Anti-Gravity Field

  • Description - Generate a localised field of intense low gravity, and behold a planet’s true power.
  • Power Cost - 45
  • Temple - Temple Eta

Grav Dash

  • Description - Manipulate gravity to propel yourself forward, and briefly increase any damage you inflict.
  • Power Cost - 15
  • Temple - Temple Zeta

Gravity Wave

  • Description - Emit a gravitational force strong enough to propel almost anything… or anyone.
  • Power Cost - 25
  • Temple - Temple Beta
Image credit: Bethesda


  • Description - Bend time and glimpse the future, seeing the path someone will walk and the words they may say.
  • Power Cost - 35
  • Temple - Temple Iota

Personal Atmosphere

  • Description - Oxygen, pure and clean, brought forth to breathe deep and counteract harmful carbon dioxide.
  • Power Cost - 45
  • Temple - Temple Alpha

Sense Star Stuff

  • Description - Bind yourself to the particles of creation, sensing the life force of any human, alien, or Starborn.
  • Power Cost - 15
  • Temple - Temple Chi

Good luck using your magic space powers in Starfield!

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