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How to delete an Outpost in Starfield

Tired of an Outpost you've made? You can easily get rid of it!

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Image credit: Eurogamer/Bethesda

Deleting an Outpost in Starfield is rather simple once you know how to do it, and the fact that deleting one actually puts materials in your pockets rather than taking them away from you is a big bonus too. Sometimes, it's just easier to start over from scratch than continuously throwing materials at an Outpost that you know just isn't working for you.

After you spend a long time building an Outpost on your chosen planet in Starfield, it can seem a bit counterproductive to delete it again, especially as it can take a while to get everything in place. However, you can delete an Outpost for free so you can start again or try building a new Outpost somewhere new.

When you want to get rid of one, we're here to show you how to delete an Outpost in Starfield.

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How to delete an Outpost in Starfield

To delete an Outpost in Starfield, you need to be at the site of the Outpost that you want to delete.

We also recommend making a save file just before you go to delete it, as reverting to a previous save is the only way to get back an Outpost once you delete it.

Once you're ready, follow these steps to delete an Outpost in Starfield:

  1. Find your Outpost Beacon and walk up to it.
  2. Interact with the Beacon to bring up a small textbox panel.
  3. At the bottom of this textbox you should see a 'Rename' option next to a control prompt.
  4. Beneath this, in faded text, should also be a 'Delete' option.
  5. Press and hold the indicated command to delete your Outpost. You will need to confirm that you want to do this, but once you do, the Outpost will be deleted.
starfield delete outpost option on outpost beacon
Image credit: Eurogamer/Bethesda

It's worth knowing that when you delete an Outpost you will be refunded the full building cost for it. So, if you're running low on materials, or found a better outpost location, deleting any unwanted ones is the way to go.

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