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How to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield

A complete Sarah Morgan romance guide.

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Sarah Morgan is one of the four romance options in Starfield, and while you can start wooing her early on, it takes a while to get to the point where you can start a relationship with Sarah.

With our complete Sarah Morgan romance guide, we've covered how to romance Sarah in Starfield, which includes how to marry Sarah, and even how to Divorce Sarah if you really want to.

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How to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield

We have more details below, but in short, here's how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield:

  1. Start 'The Old Neighbourhood' main mission to recruit Sarah
  2. Keep Sarah as your companion and say / do things that she likes
  3. Flirt with Sarah at least three times
  4. Talk to Sarah when the activity appears (multiple times)
  5. Become 'Allies' with Sarah by raising her affinity
  6. Complete Sarah's personal mission, 'In Memoriam'
  7. Talk to Sarah again when the activity appears
  8. Choose the 'Romance' option and tell Sarah you love her
  9. Become 'Friends' with Sarah by raising her affinity
  10. Pick the 'Commitment' option when it appears
  11. Talk to Sarah (wait 24 hours if talking about the wedding isn't there)
  12. Marry Sarah at Paradiso!

This is the quickest way to romance Sarah, but you don't need to do everything in the list above, or in the same order, to successfully enter a relationship with her. For example, you don't actually need to flirt with Sarah. You can even choose the 'Friendship' option when it appears and then speak with her later to ask about how Sarah feels about your relationship. This is where you can then decide if you want to be in a relationship with Sarah.

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So, if you can't decide on which romance option to pick, then don't worry about holding off on flirting with Sarah - you can't actually enter a relationship until after her personal mission anyway.

If you find the 'Talk to Sarah' activities aren't appearing for you, try progressing with the main mission until at least 'Into the Unknown'.

You'll know you are at 'Ally' and 'Friend' status with Sarah when a pop-up appears telling you so. There is unfortunately no in-game meter to check affinity. To help raise affinity with Sarah, you can use items like 'Paramour', and unlock Rank 1 of the 'Leadership' skill, which increases companion affinity gains 25% faster.

first person view of sarah with popup menu of friend status
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The longest part about romancing Sarah is raising this affinity with her by doing / saying things she likes, while avoiding interactions that she doesn't like - especially if you're playing a character who likes to partake in some of the more illegal activities available in Starfield.

Starfield Sarah Morgan likes and dislikes

Sarah has a strong sense of morality and empathy, so it's important to be empathetic in return. Sarah also likes the occasional joke, but if there's an option to be loving and understanding available, we recommend picking it over any joke choice that may be there.

Sarah also likes it when you're understanding of other groups, like not calling House Va'Ruun crazy, and she also likes when you help those in need.

Image credit: Eurogamer/Bethesda

This means Sarah dislikes when you kill unnecessarily, or choose violence as your first option without trying to de-escalate a situation. Sarah also isn't thrilled if you steal or lockpick in her presence, but this won't result in the 'Sarah disliked that' prompt appearing - so don't worry about those illegal activities.

However, if you're in a situation where you know you're about to do something highly illegal or violent, or suspect you might be soon, then we suggest asking Sarah to wait somewhere else, or swap her out for another companion. Even sneaking into somebody's office, or agreeing to change data on a computer can get Sarah to dislike your actions.

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Remember, you can lower the amount of 'likes' you need to raise Sarah's affinity if you use items like 'Paramour', and by unlocking Rank 1 of the 'Leadership' skill.

How to marry Sarah Morgan in Starfield

To marry Sarah Morgan in Starfield, you have to:

  1. Complete her personal mission, 'In Memoriam'
  2. Have her affinity to at least 'Friend'
  3. Tell Sarah you love her
  4. Choose the 'Commitment' option when speaking with Sarah
  5. Talk to Sarah again (wait 24 hours if talking about the wedding isn't there)
  6. Marry Sarah at Paradiso!

It's important to note that if you're already married to another companion, you can't marry Sarah Morgan.

While Sarah picks Paradiso as the wedding destination, you have some influence over who attends. You can invite Sarah's mum to the ceremony, but Sarah doesn't want Sona or any Constellation companions there, even if you suggest inviting them.

firs person view talking about wedding with sarah morgan
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Paradiso is located on the planet Porrima II in the Porrima star system, which is a Level 30 system northeast from Alpha Centauri's position on the map.

Follow Sarah's 'Commitment' mission to talk with her and confirm you still want to get married, then go to the site to finally marry Sarah. During the ceremony, Sarah gives you her Commitment Gift, which is a display of her genetag that you can display in places like your Dream Home or New Atlantis apartment.

first person view marrying sarah morgan
menu view of sarahs commitment gift
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Keep in mind that just because you're married, that doesn't mean you can start doing things Sarah dislikes! She still gets very angry if you do illegal or immoral things, and she may ask for a divorce if she's angry enough at a situation.

On the flip side, if you find you don't want to be married to Sarah anymore, you can actually divorce her...

How to divorce Sarah Morgan in Starfield

You can divorce Sarah Morgan at any time in Starfield by talking to her and picking 'End Commitment' after choosing the 'How are you feeling about our marriage?', then 'You'll have to forgive me, but our marriage isn't working out' dialogue options.

first person view divorcing sarah morgan
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Sarah warns you that if you go through with this, you can't just change your mind and decide to remarry her again. However, you can actually start a relationship with her again, it's just the marriage part that can't be repeated.

After divorcing Sarah Morgan, she is understandably upset with you, so is automatically dismissed as your companion and won't answer any personal questions, but you can still trade gear with her. This only lasts two days though, so if you still want Sarah as a companion, just sit or sleep somewhere to use the 'Wait' system to pass 48 hours.

first person view sarah morgan angry
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After 48 hours, Sarah gets a bad case of romantic amnesia, and as long as you haven't done anything to lose that 'Friend' affinity with her, you can tell Sarah you love her again to restart a relationship. Keep in mind that remarriage still isn't an option, even when you get back together with Sarah.

first person view being romantic with sarah morgan
Image credit: Eurogamer/Bethesda Softworks

Good luck marrying (and maybe divorcing) Sarah in Starfield!

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