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How to get the Star Eagle Ship in Starfield

You'll need to put some work in to get this ship for free.

starfield freestar ranger star eagle ship
Image credit: Eurogamer/Bethesda

The Star Eagle Ship in Starfield is one of the ships you can get without spending any Credits, and without going through the somewhat time consuming act of building your own by visiting a Ship Technician. You will, however, need to put some time into doing specific quests to get your hands on it.

In Starfield the Freestar Rangers are kind of the space sherriffs of Freestar Collective space. There aren't that many of them but, for the most part, they are respected individuals. So, naturally, a Freestar Ranger needs a ship that can help them carry out their duties - the Star Eagle.

If you want it, we're here to show you how to get the Star Eagle Ship in Starfield.

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How to get the Star Eagle Ship in Starfield

To get the Star Eagle Ship in Starfield, you need to join the Freestar Rangers and complete a series of missions as a Freestar Ranger Deputy.

To begin to join the Freestar Rangers, you can either talk to Sam Coe in the Lodge to start the 'Empty Nest' mission which will take you to Akila City. Alternatively, you can grav jump to the Cheyenne System and land in Akila City on Akila, then walk up towards the bank there to start the 'Job Gone Wrong' mission.

Once you've started to become a Freestar Ranger, you need to complete the following quests to get the Star Eagle Ship:

  • Job Gone Wrong
  • Deputized
  • Where Hope Lies
  • Where Hope is Built
  • Shadows in Neon
  • Surgical Stike
  • On The Run
  • First to Fight, First to Die
  • The Hammer Falls

Once you complete all of the missions listed above with the Freestar Rangers, you will be given the Star Eagle Ship as a reward alongside several other items.

starfield freestar ranger deputy uniform
You even get a Deputy Uniform to wear through the missions. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Bethesda

Star Eagle Ship basic stats in Starfield

The Star Eagle ship will appear in your ship inventory once you've collected it by completing the rewards above. The ship is fully customisable, so you can tweak it and add or take away modules to your heart's content. It does boast pretty decent starting stats, so if you're at the beginning of your Starfield journey it's one worth having.

Here's a quick overview of the Star Eagle Ship stats in Starfield:

System Stat
Fuel 140
Hull 948
Cargo 2280
Shielded Cargo None
Reactor 29
Crew 5
Jump 16 LY
Shield 760
EM 2
MSL 130
LAS 12
Mass 1089
Value 49,773
starfield star eagle ship in ship builder mode
Image credit: Eurogamer/Bethesda

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