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Does Starfield have multiplayer?

How multiplayer co-op could work in Starfield.

Starfield is a huge single-player experience, but you might be wondering if there are any multiplayer or co-op experiences to have as well.

While there is no official way to play Starfield in multiplayer, there's a chance PC users will be able to eventually thanks to community efforts.

We've went over everything we know about multiplayer in Starfield below, and if you want even more details on Starfield, you can check out our background explainer, PC requirements, and pre-order bonus pages.

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Is Starfield multiplayer?

No, Starfield does not have multiplayer capabilities on either PC or Xbox consoles. It also doesn't have any form of co-op gameplay, meaning you can't party-up with friends at launch to explore Starfield's vast universe together, or challenge each other in PVP (player versus player).

Starfield being a single-player experience was mentioned by Todd Howard during a Develop interview back in 2020 with our sister site that you can watch on the Develop:Brighton Conference YouTube channel, or with the embed below.

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However, based on community creations for other Bethesda titles like Skyrim and Fallout 3, it's likely that there will be a multiplayer mod - or least an attempt at a multiplayer mod - that PC players might be able to use to play Starfield together sometime in the future.

If the Xbox version of Starfield gets mod support eventually, then it might also receive a multiplayer mod, but this is less likely than on PC, as previous Bethesda multiplayer mods have skipped Xbox consoles.

Creating an unofficial multiplayer mod for a single-player game with a small team is understandably a huge undertaking, so don't expect one to appear for quite a while after launch, if indeed it is possible to make a multiplayer mod at all.

Starfield player character and another looking over snowy planet
Image credit: Xbox

Starfield is far more ambitious in scope than any of Bethesda Game Studios' previous titles, so getting it to stably run a co-op or PVP experience might prove fruitless even for all the talented modders out there.

It's also possible that the developer might add multiplayer support after launch, but there has been no indication from Bethesda Game Studios that this is in the works.

The lack of any official multiplayer might be disappointing for some, especially those looking to team-up in co-op, or coming from playing multiplayer in Star Citizen, so we hope a multiplayer mode does become available someday, even if it takes a while.

Until then, there will be lots of other activities to tackle in Starfield's huge single-player campaign!

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