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All Starfield achievements for Xbox and PC

Build an Outpost, collect Ships, and survive space.

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Starfield has a total of 50 achievements to collect on Xbox and Steam, and you can acquire these achievements through numerous means. You could choose to join the Freestar Rangers, kill 300 enemies or spend your time adjusting your Outpost instead. Essentially, living your life in space and hitting specific milestones, as well as completing story missions, will help you grab these achievements and the rewards that come with them.

There's no difference between the Starfield achievements on Xbox consoles and Steam, so, if you're an achievement hunter, you don't have to worry about missing anything.

Without further ado, here are all of the Starfield achievements and their unlock requirements.

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Starfield Achievement list

There are 50 achievements to collect in Starfield on Xbox and PC, which rack up to a total of 1000 points once you collect them all.

These achievements can be gained through essentially just living your life in space and following the main storyline. However, some achievements are easier to get than others as some will require you to put in quite a few hours, and quite a bit of effort, to get them.

You can find all of the Starfield Achievements below:

Achievement Requirement Points
Dust Off Reach Level Five. 10
Traveler Reach Level 10 10
For All, Into The Starfield Enter space for the first time. 10
One Small Step Join Constellation. 10
Into the Unknown Complete 'Into the Unknown' 10
All That Money Can Buy Complete 'All That Money Can Buy' 10
The Best There Is Complete 'The Best There Is' 10
The Devils You Know Complete 'The Devils You Know' 10
Surgical Strike Complete 'Surgical Strike' 10
Guilty Parties Complete 'Guilty Parties' 10
Supra Et Ultra Join the UC Vanguard. 10
Deputized Join the Freestar Rangers. 10
Back To The Grind Join Ryujin Industries 10
Rook Meets King Join the Crimson Fleet. 10
Home Sweet Home Build an Outpost. 10
Shipping Magnate Connect five Outposts with Cargo Links. 10
Chief Engineer Modify a Ship. 10
Stellar Cartography Visit 20 Star Systems. 10
Privateer Complete 30 Terminal or Misc. Missions. 10
Rock Collection Gather 500 Inorganic Resources. 10
Thirst For Knowledge Read 20 Skill Magazines 10
I Use Them For Smuggling Successfully Smuggle Contraband 10
Elite Reach Level 25. 20
Further Into The Unknown Complete 'Further Into The Unknown' 20
Industrialist Collect 500 Total Resources from Outposts. 20
High Price To Pay Complete 'High Price To Pay' 20
In Their Footsteps Complete 'In Their Footsteps' 20
Entangled Complete 'Entangled' 20
Unearthed Complete 'Unearthed' 20
The Stars My Destination Visit all Star Systems. 20
Boots On The Ground Land on 100 Planets. 20
Life Begets Life Gather 500 Organic Resources. 20
Jacked In Access 50 Computers. 20
The Family You Choose Recruit 10 separate Companions. 20
Starcrossed Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion. 20
War Of Angels Collect 20 Quantum Essence 20
Fleet Commander Collect 10 Ships. 20
Dark Matter Eliminate 300 Human Enemies. 20
Another Bug Hunt Eliminate 300 Creatures. 20
Cyber Jockey Bypass 50 Digital Locks. 30
Fixer Complete 30 activities. 30
A Legacy Forged Complete 'A Legacy Forged' 30
Executive Level Complete 'Executive Level' 30
The Hammer Falls Complete 'The Hammer Falls' 30
Legacy's End Complete 'Legacy's End' 30
Soldier of Fortune Mod 50 Weapons. 30
Replicator Craft 100 Items. 30
One Giant Leap Complete 'One Giant Leap' 50
Space Opera Reach Level 50. 50
Reach For The Stars Reach Level 100. 100
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How long will it take to get every Starfield Achievement?

It could take a while to get every achievement in Starfield, especially as the 'Reach for the Stars' one requires you to get to level 100 or the 'The Stars My Destination' one where you need to visit every single Star System available. That being said, it really does all depend on how you decide to approach exploring space.

Some achievements can be reached naturally by following the main story quests and from generally spending time on different planets, such as the 'Another Bug Hunt' one that requires you to eliminate 300 creatures.

You may even find yourself working towards several achievements at once, you could be heading towards level 25 while battling enemies, which could result in you gaining both the 'Elite' and 'Dark Matter' achievements.

Ultimately, you could do a play through where your only goal is to rack up the achievements or you could simply chill out in space and wait for the achievements to naturally happen. Your approach will determine how long it will take to get every single achievement.

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Image credit: Bethesda

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