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Starfield: One Giant Leap walkthrough

The truth about Unity.

The final main quest One Giant Leap in Starfield starts after completing the previous quest Revelation.

In the previous mission we had to reach the Buried Temple and grab the last Artifact. The end of the game is now approaching, and sadly, or thankfully, there are no more gruelling fights.

Optional: Talk to your friends before leaving

All the people who have joined you on the journey will now be in either your ship or in the Lodge. Talk to all of them: Sarah, Walter, Lin, Noel, Matteo, and anyone else you've brought along with you.

All your friends in one place.

Take the time to exhaust all dialogue options and then head to your ship.

Build the Armillary on your ship

On your ship, go to the Armillary screen that looks like this:

Click on it once and then click 'Add Artifacts'. This initiates everything ready for the leap towards Unity.

If you want to fly somewhere else and perform a normal grav jump, you'll have to remove the Armillary again. Otherwise...

Grav drive to jump to Unity

It makes no difference where exactly you jump, just jump to any system and a short cutscene will start.

Arriving, you'll see yourself just standing there.

Speak to your doppelganger and you'll end up in a deep philosophical chat about Unity and what it means. You'll then have two options, either:

  1. Enter the glowing orb and instantly start New Game Plus.
  2. Turn around and fly back in the direction you came from. This will let you back into the game so that you can deal with any unfinished business.

If you choose the first option, you will then be reborn as a Starborn in a new universe and the first quest One Small Step will start again. You will lose all your possessions and companions, unfinished quests will be reset, and you will have to return to the Lodge.

Congratulations, you've completed Starfield.

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