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Starfield: Unearthed walkthrough

Head to Luna and the NASA launch pad.

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The main quest Unearthed in Starfield comes straight after In Their Footsteps.

To get started, head to The Lodge and chat with The Emissary for the Moon Base Key. You'll then head to Luna.

Head to the Nova Galactic Research Station

Fast Travel to the Sol system and land at the Nova Galactic Research Station on Luna.

Explore the research station

The station seems deserted. But make the most of it and start looting everything.

Then go to the below airlock and use the Moon Base Key to get in.

This will take you inside the base. Loot a couple of lockers and other containers. And grab the digislates for some lore.

When you collect the first slate, the optional objective Collect All The Slates starts.

Moon Base Slate locations

Moon Base Slate 1 - Found on a crate in the first room:

Moon Base Slate 2 - Head through the first door, and it's on the desk in the backroom:

Moon Base Slate 3 - This one is in one of the lockers in the first room:

Moon Base Slate 4 - This one is in the back room, opposite the weights in the area to the left:

Moon Base Slate 5 - In the back room again, in the left area of the small kitchen:

Moon Base Slate 6 - Upstairs on the desk at the end of the hallway:

Play the recording on the roof

Now leave the facility through one of the airlocks, jump onto the marked roof and play the recording.

Some useful backstory come to light, as does the NASA Access Code that you'll need for the next step.

Go to NASA

Use the quest directory to jump to the NASA launch pad on Earth.

You'll land in a bit that looks like a desert. But then just walk northeast until you see the NASA launch pad in the distance. It's hard to miss:

Find a way in

Now you'll need to find an Emergency Power Cell to open the airlock to get into the facility.

Climb onto the electrical box to the right of the door, continue up and follow the stairs on the right to this point:

Here you'll continue up the walkways and stairs to a door. Head through the door:

Then make your way through the following outdoor area and climb up once more.

Enter the NASA facility

The NASA Access Code to open the door on the left and behind it you will find an Emergency Power Cell on the floor. Use this to power up the lift.

Then take the lift up and you enter the launch pad behind.

Find information about NASA

In the first room, there is plenty to loot. Check-out the computer too, it contains a few entries, but it's Delivery From Mars that you're after.

Find information about the sample from Mars

Now head through the door and follow the quest marker on the floor into a large exhibition room:

If you like, you can look at various exhibits and use the text panels in front to gain some lore into how humanity developed in the 22nd century.

Continue via the stairs at the back on the right. Behind it, go through the door on the left and look to the right, here you will find Judith's personal recording:

Find information about the grav drive prototype

Follow the path and head through the battered hallway on the left. At the end go through the door on the right into the laboratory.

Run up the rock platform, through the door and follow the hallway to a security door on the left that requires a power cell.

You'll then activate this in the room diagonally opposite which contains the power switch. Then follow the cave passage behind it into the next corridor.

At the junction, go left and you will come across a gate that is locked. If possible, use a digipick to open it and grab the NASA Maintenance Key from the shelf (otherwise you will get one later):

Then go down the stairs, turn left and grab an Emergency Power Cell from the small table. Use it on the other side and open the security door with the kill switch next to it.

Follow the corridor behind it through the rooms, up the stairs, and you will end up in a large room with several guns and a tough robot:

Kill them and you will find a massive door on the left that is missing its energy supply. Run to the right of it into the corridor where the cable on the floor runs and you will find the power switch for it on the right side.

Open the door and follow the path deeper into the facility. A slope leads down to a desk with a NASA research computer:

Access the logs on the computer and look for the ones dated April 14, 2138, and December 8, 2141.

Find information about Grav Drive side effects

Open the white door next to it and follow the markings in scan mode:

From there go through corridor B2 and through the door and to the left. You'll find another NASA research computer with a corpse in front of it and a NASA maintenance key next to them (take it if you didn't grab the one earlier):

Check the computer for some more lore and then press the red button next to it.

Unlock and take the Artifact

The button will release the Artifact, and you'll be back on solid ground again.

The key opens the door on the left. Follow the path downwards, continue through the next door and to the right, and head through the red security door.

Go up the stairs at the back left and you'll be able to grab the PSI Artifact.

Leave NASA

On the way out of the facility, you'll come across a couple of Starborns. You can choose to fight them, or simply just run away.

Speak to The Emissary

The Emissary and The Huner will be waiting outside. Speak to The Emissary and you'll learn some more lore, as well as be given three choices.

Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

The three choices are:

  • Side with The Emissary
  • Side with The Hunter
  • Side with neither

The choice you make here will impact the next few missions, so watch out, spoilers ahead. If you side with The Emissary you'll have to fight The Hunter in the final fight. Choose The Hunter and you'll fight The Emissary, or choose neither and fight them both.

The current quest is now over and you'll receive a bunch of experience and 10,200 Credits as a reward.

Now it's time to jump into the penultimate quest, Revelation.

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