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2 June 2020

Valorant Ranks: Ranking system, tiers and whether ranks reset in Valorant explained

Everything you need to know about the ranking system in Valorant.

1 June 2020

Valorant release time in BST, CEST, EDT, PDT, JST and KST explained

When Riot's shooter will be playable in your region.

Animal Crossing Wedding Season: Heart crystals, wedding event items and the return of Reese and Cyrus explained

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and six bells in her shoe.

Xbox Game Pass games list: June 2020 games plus every game currently available for Xbox consoles

A complete list of games playable in Netflix-style service Xbox Game Pass on Xbox consoles.

Nintendo Switch upcoming 2020 games list, plus all Switch Online NES and SNES games listed

Upcoming Switch games - from third-parties to Switch Online games - on the way.

Digital FoundryThe best gaming monitor 2020: Digital Foundry's picks for PC, PS4 and Xbox

Including high refresh rate, high resolution and ultra-wide options.

When you can watch this week's 'E3 2020' conferences

Guerrilla Collective, PC Gaming Show and more.

Pokémon Go June Field Research tasks and their rewards explained

All Field Research tasks listed, plus Special Research and Research Breakthroughs work in Pokémon Go.

Which bugs and fish are arriving this month in Animal Crossing?

And everything you must catch before June ends.

Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour: Next Spotlight Hour Pokémon and bonus explained

Everything you need to know about Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go.

30 May 2020

Digital FoundryBest mechanical keyboard 2020: 13 picks for gaming, typing and coding

Digital Foundry's expert recommendations for quiet, compact and full-fat gaming keyboards with all the trimmings.

29 May 2020

Apex Legends A Legend Falls quest: How to complete the second Hunt

Strategies to get your hands on the second Artefact piece.

Best SSD for gaming 2020: shorter loading times, smoother streaming

Our top picks, plus what you need to know about different SSDs.

28 May 2020

PlayStation Plus games for June: What are the PS Plus games this month?

A list of this month's currently available games through PlayStation Plus.

Digital FoundryBest ultra-light mouse 2020: 12 lightweight gaming mice for FPS gaming

All of the top options tried and tested by Digital Foundry.

Xbox backwards compatibility list: All Xbox 360 games and original Xbox games playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X

A list of every supported Xbox game, from Alan Wake to Zuma, on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

27 May 2020

Pokémon Go Legendary Pokémon: List of all currently and previously available Legendary Pokémon

Every Legendary Pokémon that has been released in Pokémon Go so far.

26 May 2020

Pokémon Go Reshiram counters, weaknesses and moveset explained

Tips on defeating Reshiram in Pokémon Go.

Xbox Games with Gold for June: What are the Xbox Live Gold games this month?

A list of this month's currently available games through Xbox Games with Gold.

Best gaming microphones 2020: top USB and XLR mics for streaming

Tested and recommended by Digital Foundry.

PS5 games list: All confirmed launch, exclusive and first-party PS5 games explained

Everything we currently know about the game lineup for the PlayStation 5.

Digital FoundryBest gaming keyboard 2020: Digital Foundry's picks

Leading mechanical and non-mechanical keyboards tested.

Minecraft Dungeons Enderman strategy

How to survive these tricky mini-boss encounters.

Minecraft Dungeons Achievements list

A list of all the Achievements available in Minecraft Dungeons for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Minecraft Dungeons The Nameless One strategy

How to defeat the challenging boss encounter.

22 May 2020

Civilization 6 Gran Colombia: Simón Bolívar leader bonuses, unique units and buildings detailed

All the info you need on the Gran Colombia leader Simón Bolívar in Civ 6.

Civilization 6 Maya: Lady Six Sky leader bonuses, unique units and buildings detailed

All the info you need on the Mayan leader Lady Six Sky in Civ 6.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Academy: HHA ranks, HHA score and rewards explained

How to make the perfect home layout in New Horizons.

Pokémon Go Sinnoh Throwback Challenge 2020 and research tasks explained

How to complete the Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum inspired questline.

20 May 2020

Digital FoundryBest gaming mouse pads 2020

Thick or thin, big or small, speed or control?

Apex Legends The First Piece quest: How to complete the first Hunt

Strategies to get your hands on the first Artefact piece.

18 May 2020

15 May 2020

Apex Legends characters list: Best pairing recommendations, plus all Legend abilities and ultimates listed

Everything you need to know about the growing roster in Apex Legends - including Loba.

Pokémon Go Hoenn Throwback Challenge 2020 steps and research tasks explained

How to complete the Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald inspired challenge.

14 May 2020

13 May 2020

12 May 2020

11 May 2020

Pokémon Go Johto Throwback Challenge 2020 steps and research tasks explained

How to complete the Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal-inspired challenge.

The best Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch 2020

The biggest storage upgrades at the best prices.

Pokémon Go Great League team recommendations

The most effective creatures to compete at lower CP levels.

7 May 2020

Digital FoundryThe best 4K TVs for HDR gaming 2020, selected by Digital Foundry

From entry-level champs to the best high-end OLED and QLED sets.

Pokémon Go Coins update - How to get free daily PokéCoins through Gyms and new activities

Pokémon Go is changing the way you get the game's premium currency for free.

6 May 2020

Pokémon Go Giratina counters, weaknesses and moveset explained

Giratina emerges from the Distorted World.

Pokémon Go Incense Day: May time, date and bonuses explained

Everything you need to know about Incense Day in Pokémon Go.

5 May 2020

4 May 2020

Pokémon Go Spinda quest this month explained, plus all Spinda forms listed

How to catch the elusive Spinda in Pokémon Go.

1 May 2020

Streets of Rage 4's unlockable characters and mode unlocks explained

How to unlock Adam and classic characters.

Pokémon Go Battle League: Season 2 rank rewards, dates and rules explained

Everything you need to know about the matchmade competitive league.

29 April 2020

Animal Crossing Bugs list: All bug prices, locations, and how to catch rare bugs explained

All bugs you can catch in Animal Crossing - and where to find them.

Pokémon Go Investigating Illusions quest steps, rewards and price explained

Everything you need to know about the Community Day exclusive quest.

28 April 2020

Pokémon Go Kanto Throwback Challenge 2020 quest steps and research tasks explained

How to complete the Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow-inspired challenge.

Borderlands 3 Joey Ultraviolet boss strategy

Time to take down a crime boss.

Gears Tactics release time in GMT, CEST, EDT and PDT explained

When you can start playing the turn-based spin-off, wherever you are.

27 April 2020

Digital FoundryBest graphics card 2020: every major Nvidia and AMD GPU tested

The DF guide to the fastest and best value video cards on the market.

Digital FoundryBest gaming mouse 2020: DF's top wired and wireless gaming mice

Recommendations for all budgets, game genres and hand sizes.

24 April 2020

Fortnite Astro Head locations: Where to bounce off five different Astro Heads

How to find all locations as part of the Travis Scott concert.

Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode 2.0: Mayhem Mode difficulty and Modifiers list explained

Everything you need to know about Mayhem Mode 2.0 in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 True Vault Hunter Mode explained

How to unlock True Vault Hunter Mode in Borderlands 3.

23 April 2020

Fortnite The Agency, Hayman and Greasy Graves locations explained

How to visit all three locations in a single match.

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