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All Elden Ring side quests listed

Every single side quest you can complete in the Lands Between.

Elden Ring character Ranni the Witch, who is the focus of one of the game's sidequests.
Image credit: FromSoftware

FromSoftware has packed a huge amount of things to do in Elden Ring., including a wide selection of side quests. The sprawling RPG features hundreds of bosses to face-off against in battle, dozens of dungeons to explore, and a massive map to get figuratively and literally lost in.

The open-world epic Elden Ring offers players an overwhelming amount of choice, and that's before even thinking about the number of Elden Ring side quests. There are over 30 side quests to take on, and in typical FromSoft fashion players aren't spoon-fed information on how to start them.

If you're not sure where to start, we've got details below on every single side quest in Elden Ring, the regions to find them in, and where we've got a guide for it, a link to a walkthrough for the quest too.

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All Elden Ring side quests

There are 33 side quests in Elden Ring, all marked out on the Elden Ring map below:

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Although, we've also got links to walkthroughs for almost all of them below, broken up by region.

Limgrave side quests

There are 12 side quests in Limgrave, one of which even includes fighting a living jar:

elden ring player standing in front of statue with arms lifting diagonally
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

Roundtable Hold side quests

There are five side quests in Roundtable Hold, which you can reach after facing Margit:

Weeping Peninsula side quests

There are two side quests in the Weeping Peninsula which are linked to one another:

Liurnia side quests

There are six side quests in Liurnia, one of which you'll need to complete to get the best ending:

Player stood outside a castle in Elden Ring
Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Caelid side quests

There are three side quests in Caelid, including one that spans almost the entire game:

Volcano Manor side quests

There are two side quests in Volcano Manor, which is located in Gelmir:

Jarburg side quests

There is one side quest in Jarburg, which is located near the Artist's Shack Site of Grace:

  • Jar-Bairn

Mountaintops Of The Giants side quests

There is one side quest in the Mountaintops Of The Giants. You should complete Bloody Finger Yura's quest before starting it:

  • Shabriri

That's a wrap on our list of Elden Ring side quests. If you're only just starting your adventures in the Lands Between, then we've got a walkthrough to help you out. Or, if you're further into your playthrough, our guide on Haligtree Medallion locations will come in handy.

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