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Resident Evil 4 walkthrough, tips and tricks to guide you through every chapter

Our walkthrough explains every boss, puzzle, and Request in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 is a remake of the seminal 2005 classic, reimagined with updated controls, new content, and some design changes.

Fear not, though, as the Resident Evil 4 remake is the same action-packed horror adventure you remember, with plenty of weapons to find, bosses to kill, areas to explore, and puzzles to solve.

However, if you're still unsure whether it's for you, then check out our Resident Evil 4 remake review for Aoife's impressions.

Below, our Resident Evil 4 walkthrough has some helpful tips and tricks, and explains all of the core story objectives and side Requests from start to finish, so you can help Leon complete his mission in, and beyond, El Pueblo.

Please be aware of SPOILERS if you're reading past the chapter you're currently on.

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Resident Evil 4 walkthrough

There are 16 chapters in the Resident Evil 4 remake that you can play on Assisted, Standard, and Hardcore difficulties. The hardest difficulty, Professional, unlocks once you beat the main campaign, along with a New Game Plus mode.

Most of our guides are based on a Standard playthrough, but we have noted where there are significant alterations in boss fights and puzzle solutions while playing on different difficulties.

If you would like to see a list of just one type of guide, you can jump to these dedicated sections, but please be aware of SPOILERS if you don't want to know what bosses or puzzles are coming up:

Below, our walkthrough explains all story objectives, and where to pick up every side quest in Resident Evil 4, with links to key puzzles and bosses. If you're looking for help on a specific chapter, you can use one of these links to quickly jump to it:

Here's our walkthrough for Resident Evil 4:

Chapter 1

See what's taking so long:

  • Find the Hunter's Lodge Key.
  • Escape from Hunter's Lodge.

Head for the Lake:

  • Survive the fight in the village square by holding out until the bell rings (the shotgun is located in the house that activates a cutscene when you enter it).
  • Travel to the Farm.
  • Pick up the first 'Destroy the Blue Medallions' Request.
  • Find the Wooden Cog and open the gate to the Lakeside Settlement.
  • Fight through or run to the Lakeside Settlement house and go into the cellar to find Luis.

Chapter 2

Head for the Church:

Chapter 3

Head for the Church:

  • Free the dog outside Village Chief's Manor.
  • Use the Insignia Key to get back to the village square.
  • Use the Insignia Key on the door into Town Hall.
  • Pick up the 'Viper Hunter' Request.
  • Head to the unlocked room by the Church and pick up the Lakeside Map file on the wall.

Cross the Lake:

Chapter 4

Find the key to the Church:

  • Look at the Lake picture in the Boathouse cave area.

Investigate the two locations:

Get the key to the Church:

  • Place Blasphemer's Head and Apostate's Head on hand statues back at the Boathouse cave to get the Church Insignia.

Head for the Church:

Look for Ashley at the Church:

Chapter 5

Escape from the Church:

  • Boost Ashley to lower the ladder on the top floor of the Church and exit through the window.

Head for the extraction point:

  • Run through enemies at the Church graveyard.
  • Pick up 'A Savage Mutt' Request.
  • Head back to the Farm and cross the bridge towards the cabin.
  • Survive the cabin assault with Luis until Ashley returns.
Resident Evil 4 remake
Image credit: Capcom

Chapter 6

Escape from the village:

  • Head to the Checkpoint area through the narrow valley past the Merchant.
  • Defeat the Chainsaw Sister holding the crank and use the crank on the Checkpoint door (you can exit the building and fight outside for extra space).

Flee from the villagers:

  • Run from Méndez and the other enemies (take a left when you reach the collapsed bridge).
  • Defeat Méndez.

Chapter 7

Head for the courtyard:

Look for another way around:

Head for the Courtyard:

  • Fight through the Water Hall to get Halo Wheel.
  • Use the Halo Wheel to move stairs and make a bridge to the Courtyard.
  • Boost Ashley over the Courtyard wall.

Chapter 8

Find Ashley:

  • Buy the Body Armor from the Merchant.
  • Get Crimson Lantern by killing the red-robed Zealot enemy in the Wine Cellar.
  • Go back and use the Crimson Lantern to open a path to the Bindery.
  • Locate the Lithographic Stones and solve the Wall with Four Slots puzzle.
  • Travel through the Castle Battlements by shooting down large hanging weights and using the Sun and Moon levers to open and close doors.
  • Shoot hanging weights to raise the canon and use it to take down the giant.
  • Head back into the castle to find Ashley.

Chapter 9

Head for the Ballroom:

Rescue Leon:

Chapter 10

Head for the throne room:

  • Pick up the 'Merciless Knight' Request.
  • Use the levers in the Ballroom to open the gates to the Throne Room's Antechamber.
  • Use the bells to distract the Garradors and kill them to get two Unicorn Horns.
  • Place the Unicorn Horns in the statues to open the door to the Throne Room.

Make your way to the surface:

  • Climb up to the Underground Laboratory.
  • Travel to the back of the lab and use the lever to restore power to the elevator.
  • Defeat Verdugo or outlast it until the elevator arrives.
  • Get in the elevator.
resident evil 4 demo key art

Chapter 11

Make your way to the surface:

Resident Evil 4 Remake screenshot showing the game's frenzied villagers wielding axes and advances towards the camera
Image credit: Capcom

Chapter 12

Make your way to the surface:

  • Take the elevator to the surface.

Head for the clock tower:

  • Pick up 'Jewel Thief' Request.
  • Pick up 'The Disgrace of the Salazar Family' Request.
  • Take the gondola lift beside the merchant at the Ballroom to the Clock Tower.

Get to the top of the clock tower:

  • Fight you way up the Clock Tower and use the lever at the top to raise the lift.
  • Fight enemies on the lift, then exit the top of the Clock Tower.

Go after Ashley:

Chapter 13

Go after Ashley:

  • Use either stealth, brute force, or a combination of both to make your way through the Wharf (stealth is very hard to get perfect here).
  • Fight your way through the rest of the island until you reach Surveillance.
  • Press the switch up the ladder to power the door out of Surveillance.

Rescue Ashley:

  • Make your way through Facility 1 Storage and Utilities.
  • Pick up the 'Laboratory Notice' file in the southeastern corner of the dark area.

Get the Level 3 Keycard:

Rescue Ashley:

  • Use the Level 3 keycard to open Ashley's cell.

Chapter 14

Make your way to the summit:

Go after Ashley:

Chapter 15

Make your way to the summit:

  • Fight through the Stronghold with the help of Mike.
  • Destroy the anti-aircraft gun
  • Use levers at Bulwark Gate to get through the area.
  • Pick up the 'Destroy Blue Medallions 6' Request.
  • Fight or run from Regenerators in Specimen Storage.
  • Fight or run through Sanctuary Approach.
  • Enter the Sanctuary.
  • Go after Ashley.
  • Head for Luis' Laboratory.

Chapter 16

Escape from the island:

  • Go up the ladder outside Luis' Laboratory and head for the Loading Docks.
  • Defeat Sadler.
  • Jet ski away from the island!

Resident Evil 4 tips and tricks

Below, we've listed some tips and tricks for Resident Evil 4 so you can say no thanks, bro, to a difficult playthrough:

  • Don't forget to parry - Parrying can literally be a lifesaver when you're low on health, especially on harder difficulties, but it uses up your knife durability, so make sure you always have a spare. Also...
  • Repair your knife and armor - Your main knife (and armor when you get it) can be repaired at the Merchant. This costs money, but it's worth it for how often both items can save you from dying. The knife's durability can even be upgraded at the Merchant, so it lasts longer before breaking.
  • Shoot crows - Crows drop random loot, so make sure you shoot one when you see it. Only one can be shot in the same area, however, as your bullets will cause the other crows to flee when they hear it, unless you skillfully aim a grenade in between a mob of crows instead.
  • Combine treasures - Don't ever sell gems on their own, unless you're desperate for some quick cash, as they can be socketed into larger treasures for a money multiplier, increasing the sell price of the treasure.
  • Buy treasure maps - For only one Spinel (currency obtained from Requests, or in random loot), you can buy a treasure map for each of the village, castle, and island areas to mark valuables on your map.
  • Sell weapons you don't use, and don't worry about wasted upgrades - The sell and buy back prices for weapons and upgrades are very generous in the Resident Evil 4 remake, so don't worry about wasting your money on upgrades, as if you find a better weapon down the line, you can sell your old upgraded weapon for almost all the money you put into it back.
  • Use Flash Grenades on parasite enemies - When you see a huge parasite burst out from an enemy's head, you can quickly kill it by throwing a Flash Grenade. If there are multiple parasite enemies, try grouping them so you don't waste Flash Grenades.
  • Make sure a downed enemy is really dead - You have to knife some enemies using the knife prompt to actually kill them, or they mutate into a faster, more aggressive monster.
  • Use stealth to save ammo - You can't use stealth in every enemy encounter, but if there's only a few enemies around, try crouching and sneaking behind an enemy to kill them with one knife strike, instead of wasting ammo.
  • Some mini-bosses are skippable - You can run away from some powerful enemies, like the chainsaw men, if you'd rather not waste your ammo or health items. However, keep in mind that some must be killed to get key items to progress with the story.
  • Aim for the face - You do more damage by targeting an enemy's face, and it often stuns them if you'd rather run past, or gives you the 'Melee' prompt if you want to kick an enemy down, and any surrounding people caught in Leon's kick.
  • Use yellow herbs - Combine your red and green herbs with special yellow herbs to increase your maximum health when the herb-y cocktail is consumed.
  • Remember to change your Charms and Attache Cases for different situations - It's no good keeping a Charm on your Attache Case if it's not giving you an advantage. Take off Merchant perks unless you're at the Merchant and apply bonuses to crafting certain ammo types instead, or swap for a bonus in healing when consuming certain item types currently in your inventory. Switching up your Attache Case can also come in handy if you want a boost the drop rate of a specific item.
  • Use traps to your advantage - You don't always have to destroy lasers, as you can actually duck below them and watch enemies explode while chasing you through it instead. Enemies can also get caught in bear traps if they run into one, stunning them for a short while, letting you run past, or attack them while they're stationary.
  • Use the map to see if you've left anything behind - If you've ran past an item but forgot to pick it up, your map will show you any resources or treasures left behind.

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The very best of luck in your Resident Evil 4 journey!

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