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Resident Evil 4 calibration puzzle solutions for Dissection, Freezer, and Waste Disposal

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You have to solve the calibration puzzles in Resident Evil 4 to make your way through the story in both Chapter 13 and Chapter 14.

One calibration puzzle is optional, but you'll want to solve it to pick up the LE 5 weapon if you're interested in acquiring another submachine gun.

To help you continue the story, and get the LE 5 gun, we've detailed all of the calibration puzzle solutions in Resident Evil 4 below, which includes how to solve the Dissection, Freezer, and Waste Disposal calibration puzzles.

Please note that this is a guide for the remake of Resident Evil 4 so the solution or puzzle might not be the same in the original version.

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How to solve calibration puzzles in Resident Evil 4 explained

To restore power to certain doors in the Resident Evil 4 remake, you need to calibrate a machine beside them.

To calibrate a machine, you have to turn each individual node in the puzzle until the bright green lines pass through all of the power nodes with a lightning symbol on them.

Power can flow to two lines if you have the 'T' node positioned the correct way, which is essential for solving every calibration puzzle.

There will be a power node counter in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to show you how many that you've currently activated.

Once you've created a route that activates every power node in the puzzle, the door beside the machine will open.

Please note: the puzzle solutions below are only confirmed for Assisted and Standard difficulties, as we haven't been able to check the solutions on Hardcore and Professional. However, it should follow the same logic if there is a difference in the exact solutions.

Resident Evil 4 Dissection calibration puzzle solution

To access the terminal required to start this calibration puzzle, transfer power to the Dissection side of the area by using the Power Control Lever in the southeastern corner.

You need to restore power to two nodes at this machine to open the Dissection room door.

Here's a picture of the Dissection calibration puzzle solution in Resident Evil 4:

After solving the puzzle, you can enter the Dissection room and pick up the Level 1 Keycard.

Our Resident Evil 4 walkthrough can help you through the village with guides on the Large and Small Cave Shrine puzzle solutions, the Church dial puzzle, and Del Lago, El Gigante, and Méndez bosses. When you reach the castle, you have to tackle the Treasury sword, Wall With Four Slots, Dining Hall bell, and Grandfather Clock correct time puzzles, along with the Dungeon Garrador, two giants, and Ramón Salazar bosses. The island is up next, and there's still brain teasers with callibration puzzles, keycard locations, and a hidden wrench, along with final bosses Krauser and Sadler.

Resident Evil 4 Freezer calibration puzzle solution

You need to restore power to five nodes at this machine to open the small room in the Freezer area.

Here's a picture of the Freezer calibration puzzle solution in Resident Evil 4:

After solving the puzzle, you can enter the small room in the Freezer room and pick up the LE 5 submachine gun.

You won't have to solve another calibration puzzle until Chapter 14.

Resident Evil 4 Waste Disposal calibration puzzle solution

This calibration puzzle is a little different to the others, as you first have to travel to the west of the Waste Disposal area to transfer power to the calibration machine beside the door, which you can then use to solve a calibration puzzle like normal.

Get Ashley to turn the wheel that leads across the Waste Disposal room, then travel to the western section of the area on this path. You'll see what looks like a green-coloured map on a monitor at the end of the path, and you should press the switch beside it to transfer power to the other side of the room.

You'll need to fight off enemies trying to capture Ashley before tackling the puzzle, as well as a Regenerator.

Once you've defeated everyone, here's a picture of the Waste Disposal calibration puzzle solution:

When the puzzle is solved, you can go through the door to pick up a pest control Request and speak to the Merchant if needed before continuing with the story.

If you'd like more help with the Resident Evil 4 remake, you can visit our walkthrough for more puzzle solutions, boss guides, and Request help.

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