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Resident Evil 4 wrench location for Overwrite Terminal

How to get the last keycard in Chapter 13.

You have to find the wrench in Resident Evil 4 to open the Overwrite Terminal and get the Level 3 Keycard in Chapter 13.

This is an easy task to get stuck on, as the file detailing the wrench location can actually lead you astray.

To help you break open that Overwrite Terminal and get the Level 3 Keycard, we've detailed the wrench location in Resident Evil 4 below.

Please note that this is a guide for the remake of Resident Evil 4 so the solution or puzzle might not be the same in the original version.

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Resident Evil 4 wrench location

We spent an embarrassingly long time searching for the wrench, as we completely forgot about the file found beside the Overwrite Terminal. We were more concerned with our fancy new Biosensor Scope found beside it.

Then, when we did remember the file, we misinterpreted it and killed the roaming Regenerators, wasting ammo on top of our wasted time.

To save you a lot of trouble, you'll locate the wrench in the Incubation Lab, the room beside the Overwrite Terminal. To get the wrench, you have to use your Biosensor Scope on the Regenerators in the tubes.

Our wrench was in the Regenerator in the northwestern corner of the room.

Go to the Incubation Lab and use your Biosensor Scope to see which Regenerator has the wrench inside it.

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To get the wrench out of the Regenerator, you have to kill it by destroying all of the parasites inside of its body. Use the Biosensor Scope on a gun that will take it, and then shoot the yellow-coloured parasites while aiming down the scope at the Regenerator.

Once it's dead, the wrench will drop as loot and you can use it on the Overwrite Terminal to finally get the Level 3 Keycard - but be careful! It takes a while to process, and the room will swarm with enemies.

We recommend running circles around the room until the keycard is ready - to save your ammo - then use the keycard on the southwestern exit back to Facility 1 Storage where you can now free Ashley.

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