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Resident Evil 4 Combination Lock puzzle solution and how to solve Crystal Marble door puzzle

How to enter the Door With Round Slot at the Village Chief’s Manor.

You have to solve the Combination Lock puzzle in Resident Evil 4 at the Village Chief's Manor to progress with the story in Chapter 2.

Once you input the correct symbol combination in Resident Evil 4, you'll get the Crystal Marble, which you then need to use to solve another puzzle that unlocks the Door With Round Slot.

To help you on your journey towards the church, we've detailed both the Combination Lock puzzle solution and how to solve the Crystal Marble Door puzzle below.

Please note that this is a guide for the remake of Resident Evil 4 so the solution or puzzle might not be the same in the original version.

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Resident Evil 4 Combination Lock puzzle solution

If you want to try and work out the Combination Lock puzzle solution for yourself, you get a hint from the 'Iluminados 4:3' file found on top of a drawer on the upper floor of the Village Chief's Manor.

This file reads:

In the great veneration of their master, the people offered up their most prized possessions.

The old farmer, his finest crop.

The slight swineherd, his southwest pig.

The beggarly grandam, her own beloved babe.

The master saw these gifts and was pleased.

Using the information in this file, the correct Combination Lock puzzle solution in Resident Evil 4 is:

  1. Crops.
  2. Pig.
  3. Baby.

Here's a picture of how to solve the Combination Lock puzzle if you prefer to see it:

Click 'Confirm' and you'll unlock the cabinet and get the Crystal Marble.

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How to solve the Crystal Marble door puzzle in Resident Evil 4

Once you get the Crystal Marble in the Village Chief's Manor, you have to use it on the Door With Round Slot located on the upper floor of the manor, directly above the Combination Lock puzzle.

For the Crystal Marble puzzle, you'll have to turn and rotate the marble to make the little dots inside it line-up with the picture of the Las Plagas behind it. This can take a while to get perfect, but we found it was easier to solve the Crystal Marble puzzle by first turning the marble to the left slightly with L1 or LB, then pressing down on the thumbstick to rotate the marble down.

After grouping the bubbles close together, this symbol just needs rotated to match the picture behind it.

This groups the dots closer together, letting you see the shape of the Las Plagas symbol more clearly, which you can then rotate and turn to line-up with the symbol behind.

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