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Resident Evil 4 remake voice actors list, cast and who voices each character

Here's some of the actors behind these iconic characters.

Resident Evil 4 remake takes the original cult horror classic and gives it a modern twist.

It's not just the visuals in Resident Evil 4 remake that have been improved, as the pacing of the story, and the majority of the game's core mechanics have been updated as well.

Here's the full voice actors list for Resident Evil 4 remake, so that you can check who is voicing each character in the game.

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Resident Evil 4 remake voice actors list

The voice cast for Resident Evil 4 remake is significantly different to the original. Here's who's voicing each one in the English language version:

  • Leon - Nick Apostolides
  • Ashley Graham - Genevieve Buechner
  • Ada Wong - Lily Gao
  • Albert Wesker - Craig Burnatowski
  • Osmund Saddler - Christopher Jane
  • Luis Sera - André Peña
  • Jack Krauser - Mike Kovac
  • Ramón Salazar - Marcio Moreno
  • Merchant - Michael Adamthwaite

There are many other characters that you'll meet as you play through Resident Evil 4 remake. To avoid spoiling anything, we've kept certain ones ommitted from this article.

Leon - Nick Apostolides

A close-up shot of Leon Kennedy in a burning building in Resident Evil 4
Image credit: Capcom

Nick Apostolides returns to play Leon, having voiced the floppy-haired agent back in Resident Evil 2 remake. He's playing with a much goofier script this time around, with a lot more one-liners and quips than before.

Ada Wong - Lily Gao

Ada Wong will be played by Lily Gao in Resident Evil 4 remake. This marks a change in actors from Resident Evil 2 remake, where we last saw the character (at least in the games). Gao did voice Wong in 2021's Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City film, so it seems as though the iconic character is still in good hands.

Ashley Graham - Genevieve Buechner

Ashley has a much deeper role this time around, requiring a much more well-rounded performance. Genevieve Buechner provides full performance capture here, having worked on a bunch of TV shows such as The X-Files and The 100 in the past.

Our Resident Evil 4 walkthrough can help you through the village with guides on the Large and Small Cave Shrine puzzle solutions, the Church dial puzzle, and Del Lago, El Gigante, and Méndez bosses. When you reach the castle, you have to tackle the Treasury sword, Wall With Four Slots, Dining Hall bell, and Grandfather Clock correct time puzzles, along with the Dungeon Garrador, two giants, and Ramón Salazar bosses. The island is up next, and there's still brain teasers with callibration puzzles, keycard locations, and a hidden wrench, along with final bosses Krauser and Sadler.

Luis Sera - André Peña

Everyone's favourite smooth-talking ex-agent Luis Sera is played by André Peña this time around. Peña is known for appearing in short films like The Specials, and Not Here, But Now.

Merchant - Michael Adamthwaite

Resident Evil 4 merchant

The Merchant will be your best friend while trying to survive the horrors that Resident Evil 4 Remake throws at you. He's played by Michael Adamthwaite in the remake, an actor that has appeared in many video games, like New Tales From the Borderlands and Prototype 2.

That's everything you need to know about the voice actors in Resident Evil 4 remake. For more on the game, be sure to check out our Resident Evil 4 remake review, as well as Digital Foundry's tech breakdown of the Chainsaw demo or our Resident Evil 4 walkthrough.

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