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Resident Evil 4 Hexagon Shaped Slot puzzle solution and Hexagonal Emblem location

How to get past the locked gate outside the Abandoned Factory.

You have to solve the Hexagon-shaped Slot puzzle in Resident Evil 4 to progress with the story in Chapter 2.

To start the puzzle, you'll first have to find the Hexagonal Emblem location and pick it up to use on the Hexagon-shaped Slot in Resident Evil 4.

To help you on your journey towards the church, we've detailed the Hexagon-shaped Slot puzzle solution below, along with where to find the Hexagonal Emblem.

Please note that this is a guide for the remake of Resident Evil 4 so the solution or puzzle might not be the same in the original version.

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Resident Evil 4 Hexagonal Emblem location

After getting your equipment back and exiting the Abandoned Factory in Chapter 2, you'll come across the Merchant, the Pest Control request, and a Hexagon-shaped Slot beside a large locked gate.

To get through the gate, you'll need to solve the Hexagon-shaped Slot puzzle with the Hexagonal Emblem.

You'll find the Hexagonal Emblem up a ladder in the south of the Valley area, which you can get to by following the path south of the Abandoned Factory and locked gate.

Be careful in the Valley though, as you have to fight through a large mob of enemies on your way to the Hexagonal Emblem. To save ammo, you can lure some of them to red barrels and then shoot the barrels to take out multiple enemies at once.

Once you have the Hexagonal Emblem, you'll have to open the gate back by turning a lever up the hill, by a treasure in a box (and more enemies, so watch out).

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Resident Evil 4 Hexagon Shaped Slot puzzle solution

Now that you have the Hexagonal Emblem, go back to the Hexagon-shaped Slot near the Abandoned Factory and insert the emblem into it.

You'll then have to rotate and turn the Emblem the right way to match it up with the bird symbol.

The correct solution to the Hexagon-shaped Slot puzzle in Resident Evil 4 is to rotate the Emblem until the bird is upright and facing the opposite direction of the picture behind the Emblem, then turn it around so the bottom right-hand side looks different to the other sides.

Here's what the Hexagonal Emblem should look like before you turn it:

This is what the Emblem should look like after you turn it:

Once your Emblem matches these pictures, click 'Confirm' to solve the puzzle. A handle will then appear, and you can hold the action button to turn it and open the gate, which leads to a Clockwork Castellan collectible and the Village Chief Manor's Combination Lock puzzle.

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