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Resident Evil 4 Jewel Thief crow nest location in Courtyard

How to get the Scratched Emerald.

You have to find the crow's nest in the Courtyard for the Jewel Thief Request in Resident Evil 4.

Completing the Request rewards x3 Spinels, which can be spent at the Merchant in exchange for guns, treasures, weapon attachments, and more!

This is one of the more annoying side quests in the Resident Evil 4 remake, so to save you a lot of time chasing every bird you see, we've detailed the Jewel Thief crow's nest location in the Courtyard below, so you can get the Scratched Emerald and sell it at the Merchant to complete this Request.

Please note that this is a guide for the remake of Resident Evil 4 so the location might not apply to the original version.

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Resident Evil 4 Jewel Thief crow nest location in Courtyard

The Jewel Thief Request is picked up from a wall near the Merchant and gondola lift in the Ballroom. You need to reach Chapter 12 for this Request to become available.

There are a lot of crows in the Courtyard area, but only one will lead you to the right place, and the reason it can take so long to find the nest is because it's not in the maze section of the Courtyard.

Although it looks like the maze is the only Courtyard area, it actually extends to the west a little.

This is why you'll find the Jewel Thief crow's nest on top of the roof near the fountain that has fish swimming in it, to the west of the maze section of the Courtyard.

Look up towards the northern entrance that leads to the Merchant and you'll see the nest on the roof. If you haven't scared it away, there should be a crow beside the nest as well

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How to get Scratched Emerald in Resident Evil 4

Once you've found the nest, all you have to do is shoot it, and the Scratched Emerald will drop to the ground.

The Scratched Emerald sells for 5,000 ptas, and you'll clear the Jewel Thief Request once it's been sold to the Merchant. This rewards an additional x3 Spinels for your trouble.

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