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Elden Ring summons: The best summon spirits and spirit locations in Elden Ring

Seek help from beyond the grave with these handy spirits.

Elden Ring summon spirits can see you call upon a wide range of computer-controlled allies to help in battle.

This is on top of the summons from past Souls games, which saw help from other players in multiplayer or an occasional character you meet on your journey.

Given how intimidating Elden Ring's toughest bosses are, with some you'll fight more than one foe at a time, spirit ashes can be vital tools to give you the upper hand.

While they are not usually powerful enough to defeat your foes for you, they're nonetheless handy as a vital distraction especially during a boss fight, which you can more reliably call upon than waiting for another player.

This guide will explain how Spirit Ashes work, how to use them and where to find the best ones throughout the Lands Between.

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Best Spirit Ash locations:

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How to summon spirit ashes in Elden Ring

Spirits range from enemy types you'll encounter during your time in the Lands Between to unique spirits of once legendary heroes, as well as some who will be summoned as a group.

In order to use Spirit Ashes, you first need the Spirit Calling Bell. You can unlock this early on after you've visited the Church of Elleh near the starting area. Once you've unlocked your horse, the ability to level up and fast travel to the Roundtable Hold, return to the Church of Elleh and you should encounter a new character - in our case it was during nighttime and the area is surrounded in mist.

Speak to the witch and she will give you the Spirit Calling Bell, as well as the Lone Wolf ashes to get you started. If you miss her for any reason, it will also be possible to buy it from the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold.

You won't actually use the bell itself, instead equip the Spirit Ash that you want to use in your quick items list. Be aware that you can only summon spirits in certain areas, which will be indicated by a small tombstone icon that appears above your equipment UI. This is also where the spirit's HP will be displayed once summoned.

You can only summon one spirit at a time and none at all if you are summoning another player. Spirits also cost FP to summon, the more FP it costs should give you an indication of their effectiveness. However you'll also find that some of the strongest and spirits cost more than your starting maximum FP, so if you want to use the game's most powerful spirits then ensure you level up your Mind stat.

How to strengthen Spirits Ashes with Spirit Tuning in Elden Ring

Just as with weapons, you can also upgrade Spirit Ashes, which will be indicated by a number to their name (e.g. +1, +2, and so on). This is done via Spirit Tuning although you'll need to speak to the right people to unlock it.

The spirit tuner in question is Roderika, a young woman you can speak to at the Roundtable Hold. When you first speak to her however, she doesn't have a role. You'll have to speak to the blacksmith Hewg who will sort of take her under his wing if you follow the dialogue options.

Once you've persuaded Hewg to help her out, the next time you visit the Roundtable Hold, Roderika will be sitting across from the blacksmith having set up her own stall as a Spirit Tuner.

Besides runes, in order to upgrade spirit ashes, you will also need bolstering materials called Gloveworts. These plants come in two varieties: Grave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort, while they also have a different number to indicate its strength like Smithing Stones (e.g. Ghost Glovewort [3]). Ghost Gloveworts are required to level up special ashes, but in either case you only need one material to do the job.

These materials can be hard to come by, but are usually found when exploring catacombs in the world. You'll also eventually be able to purchase gloverworts from the Twin Maiden Husks, provided you find the relevant bell bearings and give it to them.

What are the best summons in Elden Ring?

With so many spirit ashes in the Lands Between - and only the ability to summon one at any time - it's best to focus on the best summons and focusing on getting them first.

This can vary depending on the situation. While some can feel very disposable, we found that spirits who are summoned as a group, which can vary from two to five, are ideal when you need as many distractions as possible, and, even if they do not deal significant damage, their attacks may be enough to interrupt an enemy.

That said, some are clearly better than others. The best summons in Elden Ring in descending order are:

5. Omenkiller Rollo

Like Oleg but far more aggressive with dual wielding cleavers, Rollo goes for the enemy and can knock them down and continue stomping them. He's one of the most powerful spirits you can summon.

It's only a tough choice picking him as not only is he only available fairly late into the game but his FP cost is much higher compared to Oleg's.

4. Greatshield Soldier Ashes

The best of the soldier ashes you can find, although you'll likely need to level up a bit of the mind attribute to use them first. There are not only five of them but they all have a greatshield, meaning they can make for a very good tanky distraction, especially if you need more distractions when fighting a boss duo. They can however be vulnerable to powerful AOE attacks especially as they have a tendency to stick together.

3. Lhutel the Headless Ash

Another special spirit you can acquire early on, Lhutel is incredibly tanky with her great shield making her invaluable against tough bosses. The added bonus is that her lance isn't just for close-quarters, she can also hurl it at a distance.

2. Banished Knight Oleg

With his powerful dual-wielding swords, Oleg cuts through enemies and can stand up to tough bosses as a good tank with high poise. It's possible to unlock him right at the start, although that does require getting through one of the trickier catacombs and a very tough boss that's not recommended for low-level players. His FP cost also means you need to put points into mind before you can use him, but compared to all the other special ashes, his is still the most cost-effective

1. Mimic Tear

Undoubtedly the best summon in Elden Ring, you can have in the game because you're essentially getting a clone of yourself to fight alongside you. And if you level it up with Ghost Gloveworts, it's basically a super tanky version of you that will survive several powerful attacks that would normally one-shot your own character. That it costs HP rather than FP also means you can make use of it without investing in mind attribute points. You can find where to get this with our Mimic Tear location explainer.

Below you'll find a selection of the best Spirit Ashe summons, along with their locations. Since this is a huge game with untold secrets, this list isn't exhaustive - but should give you some ideas of useful summons to find throughout the game to suit any situation.

Lone wolf ashes location

FP cost: 55

Despite the name, you'll actually get three lone wolves to fight for you. Their agility makes them great for attacking quickly and sometimes interrupting enemy attacks.

These are the first spirit ashes you'll likely find as you'll be given it by the witch when you first receive the Spirit Ringing Bell at the Church of Elleh.

Wandering noble ashes location

FP cost: 28

Very much just disposable grunts, but there's five of them so they'll at least make decent bait.

You can find these spirit ashes in Stormfront Catacombs down by the lower part of Limgrave before you head up to Stormhill. You'll find them inside a coffin inside the catacombs.

Noble sorcerer ashes location

FP cost: 11

Unfortunately a waste of your time as this sorcerer's spells are very pithy, but then it's also the cheapest spirit ash to summon.

His spirit ashes are also in Stormfront Catacombs, and your reward for defeating the boss inside, an Erdtree Burial Watchdog.

Putrid corpse ashes location

FP cost: 40

Four fairly weak but decent enemy bait.

Their ashes can be found as a reward for defeating the Frenzied Duelist at the bottom of Gaol Cave, located in Southwest of Caelid. You'll need to wade through a toxic swamp that will inflict scarlet rot on you (though Torrent can ride through it just fine) and make sure you have swordstone keys to open the way.

Skeletal militiaman ashes location

FP cost: 44

These two spear-wielding skeletons literally put up more of a fight, because they keep coming back after death until they're properly finished off when they've collapsed.

Getting these ashes involves a pretty fun mini boss fight with a Tibia Mariner, a spectral skeleton who fights you on its dinghy (no, really), although he can also summon other skeleton buddies to help. You'll find his location in the flooded Summonwater Village just east of Limgrave.

Skeletal bandit ashes location

FP cost: 22

As with the skeletal militiamen, the skeletal bandit also keeps getting back up until it's properly finished off when down. Its twin blades should make it fearsome, although there's only one of them.

As with this Spirit Ash , it's also rewarded by defeating another Tibia Mariner, who you can find if you follow the right path northwards when you first enter Liurnia and continue on its highway towards Artist's Shack. Surprisingly enough, the spectral boatman isn't fighting in a body of water this time but in the woods.

Winged misbegotten ashes location

FP cost: 37

These flying enemies can be annoying to fight normally, so it's only right that they be a nuisance to bosses too when you have one you can summon.

These ashes can be found in Unsightly Catacombs, which is located northwest of the secret path that takes you up to Altus Plateau after you've defeated the Magma Wyrm. You'll need swordstone keys to open the path to the catacombs.

You'll need to navigate the catacombs to find a lever to open a door to the boss, but en route, you'll come to a dark stairway with a pit at the bottom. Drop down and you'll find the ashes there.

Demi-human ashes location

FP cost: 69

These small but feral enemies attack as a group of five, making them great against going against other groups or to keep a tough boss at bay, and even better if you keep them levelled up.

You'll find their Spirit Ashes by defeating another Erdtree Burial Watchdog mini-boss inside Impaler's Catacombs northeast of Weeping Peninsula. You'll need to head up to higher ground where Oridys's Rise is, but then follow the outer perimeter which will take you to the entrance behind.

Rotten stray ashes location

FP: 35

Much more violent than the lone wolves, though there's only one that's summoned, but still a quick and nimble creature for distracting enemies.

While this is in Caelid, you can find this one early on if you get teleported to Sellia Crystal Mines from the chest in Dragonburnt Ruins (a quick way to reach our recommended early rune farming spot). When you've reached Sellia, the town of sorcery, south of it is the Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace, which then leads to a swamp that will inflict you with scarlet rot. Not far off there is a rotten stray's corpse where you'll be able to collect its spirit ashes.

Giant rat ashes location

FP cost: 0

The only spirit that's free to summon, though their effectiveness is debatable. Nonetheless, if you level them up, even more rats will come along!

You'll need to head to the West Windmill Pasture, which is located west of Windmill Village in the north of Altus Plateau. Approach the stables next to the windmill and you'll see a swarm of rats, including a much larger one inside. Kill them and then grab the spirit ashes.

Spirit jellyfish ashes location

FP: 31

Spirit jellyfish aren't generally a threat as enemies, so you may question whether this one is any use summoning, although she illuminates surroundings and spews poison. In any case, getting these Spirit Ashes is no trouble since they're a gift from Roderika. Just talk to her after she's opened her spirit-tuning shop.

Fanged imp ashes location

FP cost: 50

Imps can be a nuisance when you're exploring catacombs and these ashes will summon two of them. They'll move fast to cause a distraction and also hurl magic pots at enemies.

These ashes are sold by one of the isolated merchants. The one you're looking for is just outside of Raya Lucaria Academy's gates. From the 'Main Academy Gate' Site of Grace, head southeast past the teleporting seal and follow the path. You'll encounter wolves, but you can ride past them to where you'll find the merchant selling the ashes for 2000 runes.

Greatshield soldier ashes location

FP cost: 74

Probably one of the best group spirits you can summon, as not only do you get five soldiers, but they all carry greatshields - , the ultimate tank distraction. Let them absorb a boss's attacks and wrath while you get around to get in some free hits.

Getting these ashes, however, requires defeating Radhan, which is a very tough fight early on. But once you do beat him, a star crashes down onto the map and creates an opening to Nokron, the eternal city. The entrance to this underground area is south of the Mistwood in Limgrave.

Once you're in Nokron, there's an illuminated path you can head down but don't go just yet. Instead go to the right of it where you'll find a graveyard, and some enemies waiting. Kill them and head to the right corner where you'll find the ashes amongst the graves.

Ancestral follower ashes location

FP cost: 86

If you've been down to Siofra River Well Depths, then you'll have come across these imposing horned folk who are effective with heavy clubs as well as bows, although this spirit specializes with the latter.

The ashes are also located in Siofra, though it requires a few steps. When you reach the river bank, you'll notice a number of stone monuments that can be lit at the base, as pictured.

There's eight in this area that will need to be lit, which will also light a flame on one of the torches leading up some stone steps, which leads to the Hallowhorn Grounds.

We've marked the locations of the eight monument torches you need to light below, and they're all spread out, from the Siofra River Bank in the south to north of Worshippers' Woods.

You'll get a message once you've lit all the torches. Return to the Hallowhorn Grounds in the southeast and you'll notice the skeleton of the stag at the end glowing. Touch it and you'll be transported to another area where you'll fight the Ancestor Spirit. It can be tricky to hit as it sort of floats in the air and can leap and also teleport but defeat it and the ashes will be yours.

Raya Lucaria soldier ashes location

FP cost: 59

These ashes consist of three soldiers, two acting as grunts and one as their leader who can also dish out spells. A decent summon, though you'll find better ones later on, such as the Greatshield soldier ashes.

These ashes are located in Road's End Catacombs southwest of Liurnia, not far from the area's Minor Erdtree and off the path from Converted Tower. You'll find the ashes in front of a stone coffin as you explore the catacombs.

Glintstone sorcerer ashes location

FP cost: 49

A step up from the noble sorcerer, this Raya Lucaria sorcerer is protected by their stone crown and wields Glinstone Stars sorcery.

Their ashes can also be found in Road's End Catacombs by defeating the mini-boss, a sneaky thing known as a Spirit Caller Snail, which summons one of the game's dreaded enemies,- a Crucible Knight.

While you can defeat the knight, that won't hurt the snail itself, who is hiding in the boss room somewhere, though it should materialize once you take down the knight. Try to finish it before it disappears again though as it will summon another knight in its place.

Twinsage sorcerer ashes location

FP cost: 89

This spirit is an even more powerful sorcerer who unleashes Glintstone Cometshard and Crystal Burst sorceries, though it'll cost you a lot more to summon.

You'll find it by heading to the most northeast part of Liurnia in Black Knife Catacombs. You'll need to defeat a Cemetery Shade inside, which can be intimidating, though summoning in spirits to help goes a long way.

Godrick soldier ashes location

FP cost: 54

Spirits you can find early, this hammer and crossbow duo are a decent choice to help out, even if you might have better options later. In any case, you'll definitely have the FP to summon them and they'll still be a viable aid if you level them up accordingly.

Their ashes can be found just southwest of Stormhill Shack. Instead of following the route to the castle, head back down and you'll see some woodland, which you can reach by traveling to the far end. You'll also run into some spirit jellyfish who are largely harmless, so just move past them and run back over to the grave spot east of the wood to where the ashes are.

Leyndell soldier ashes location

FP cost: 64

These are very capable tanks with spears and greatshields, though once you find the Greatshield soldier ashes, they're less exciting as they're just two compared to the latter's five.

Their ashes can be found in Sainted Hero's Cave in Altus Plateau, just west of Rampartside Path, which can be reached after you've gone through the Capital Outskirts and come out of its northwestern gate.

Like most caves, there's a maze-like puzzle to solve, and you'll find these ashes along the way. Specifically, you'll come to a point where you are above a room you've come to before with a light shining in the centre, which is to expose the other invulnerable shaded enemies you face there. But before you return there, drop to the left of this upper platform and you'll come across a corpse where the ashes are located.

Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff ashes location

FP cost: 108

A legendary spirit who's not only armed with a huge shield, but also strikes thunderbolts are enemies. A sturdy tank though you'll need to increase your FP before you can summon.

His ashes are the reward for defeating the boss in Sainted Hero's Cave, Ancient Hero Zamor, a formidable opponent who can inflict the Frostbite status with his attacks.

Stormhawk Deenh ashes location

FP cost: 47

Of all the special ashes, this one costs the least FP to summon; it also can buff you with its cries and fly around while unleashing wind attacks.

Stormhawk Deenh's ashes can be found in the Chapel of Anticipation, located on an island near Stormveil Castle. But how do you reach that place?

First, you'll need to head to the Four Belfries up on the west side of Liurnia overlooking Raya Lucaria Academy. You'll find three teleports, but each needs a special Imbued Swordstone Key to unlock. Fortunately, one of these is in a chest at the top of this area by the Site of Grace.

But if you only have one Imbued Swordstone Key, then go and use it on the teleport where you are facing north. This teleport will take you to the Chapel of Anticipation where you'll have to fight a mini-boss. After you've defeated it, follow the path towards the chapel, but look for an entrance on the right that will take you upstairs and to a chest containing the ashes.

Banished Knight Oleg ashes location

FP cost: 100

One of the earliest special ashes you can unlock, Oleg is a beast of a warrior who wields a blade in each hand and attacks aggressively withstanding most enemy attacks for a good while. A brilliant tank and worth increasing your Mind stat for.

Of course, while it's possible to get Oleg at the beginning, that depends on whether you can survive the deathtraps of the Fringefolk Hero's Cave, which also requires two swordstone keys to access. Defeat the equally formidable Ulcerated Tree Spirit waiting at the end and you'll be rewarded with the ashes, as well as a Golden Seed for increasing the amount of your flask charges.

Latenna the Albinauric ashes location

FP: 83

A magic archer, who also has one of the most interesting questlines which will get you to one of Elden Ring's secret areas, Latenna is described as someone who chose to become a spirit voluntarily. While her bow can be powerful, the downside is that she can't move from the place she's been summoned, which makes her a bit like a turret.

You'll find Latenna by exploring the Lakeside Crystal Cave south of the lake in Liurnia. Instead of taking the teleport out at the end of the mini boss, look for another path forward, which will take you to Slumbering Wolf's Shack where you'll find her seated by her wolf companion, Lobo. However, if you speak to her now, not much will happen, though she'll mention she doesn't know anything about a certain medallion.

To get her to cooperate, you'll need to initiate her questline by going to the Village of the Albinaurics. From that Site of Grace, head east up along the village until you come to a large pot. It stands out as it doesn't resemble the other jar people you may have encountered and it's set aside from the other objects nearby. Hit it with your sword and you'll discover an old man inside.

Speak to him and he'll give you one half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. Now return to Latenna and show her this and she'll not only tell you where to find the other half but also join you, allowing you to summon her spirit.

Perfumer Tricia ashes location

FP cost: 78

Perfumer Tricia attacks by throwing an arc of dust that bursts into flames moments later. She's not all offence, however, as she also knows magic;, applying a defensive shield for her and yourself when first summoned.

She is one of the rare spirits whose ashes are found by defeating her. You can find her in Unsightly Catacombs -, the same place where you found the Winged misbegotten ashes. To make it all the more obvious, those catacombs are next to a place called Perfumer's Ruins.

Omenkiller Rollo ashes location

FP: 113

As the name suggests, Rollo is a beast. He's like Oleg on steroids wielding even bigger swords and attacks with ferocity, jumping and stamping at his foes. That also however means it'll cost more FP to summon him, so make sure you're increasing your Mind.

His ashes are obtained on your way to the Divine Tower of East Altus, which you can reach by not taking the lift up to Forbidden Lands but continuing along the path. You'll see the tower in front but, the moment you step out, you'll be cast into a pitch black space. Dark Souls players might get a similar vibe as the Four Kings, though fortunately here you only have to fight two Fell Twins, and, of course, you can also summon a spirit to help you out.

Defeat these two and you'll return back to in front of the Divine Tower and also be awarded Rollo's ashes.

Lhutel the Headless ashes location

FP cost: 104

Located in Weeping Peninsula, Lhutel is one of the very first special ashes you can access, though her FP cost means you'll be unlikely to use her straight away. The headless knight is, however, a very powerful spirit ally, with a greatshield for tanking, while also being able to hurl spectral lances.

Her ashes are inside Tombsward Catacombs, which can be tricky to find. If you're starting from the Tombsward Site of Grace further down the cliff, go north, staying close to the cliffside until you can head up, then turn back around and head south until you reach a statue, which will illuminate the path when you interact with it. It will point to the rockface ahead of you where two spirit jellyfish are floating around, but go closer and you'll find the door to the catacombs tucked away.

Once inside, you'll need to solve the puzzle to activate a lever to open the door to the boss room where you'll fight a Cemetery Shade. Kill it and Lhutel's ashes are yours.

Depraved Perfumer Carmaan ashes location

FP cost: 124

Carmaan is one of the most powerful perfumers you can summon, fighting with a blade and with magic, but, with the highest FP cost of any other spirit, you'll need to think carefully about whether you'll want to invest in your Mind to make use of him.

Finding his ashes involves beginning the Volcano Manor questline. You'll find the manor near the top of Mt. Gelmir west of Altus Plateau. Once inside you'll meet Lady Tanith who sits in a corner of the main room with an intimidating-looking knight at her side. Speak to her and agree to join the manor's cause and she'll give you the Drawing-Room Key to open the doors on the hallway to the right.

You'll, however, notice that one door is bolted shut. Check the room opposite it and you'll find there's a secret passage behind a fake wall in the right corner. This passage will lead you all the way around the manor's perimeter and into the locked room where you'll find a corpse with Carmaan's ashes.

Finally, we have a dedicated page on the Mimic Tear location - one of the best summons in the game.

Good luck collecting the Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring!

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