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Fortnite Logjam Lotus rotating location explained

The Reality Tree has changed Logjam Lumberyard in a big way.

The latest season of Fortnite has brought about a lot of changes to the island, including the transformation of Logjam Lumberyard into Logjam Lotus.

It seems the Reality Tree is producing more than just Reality Seeds, as one of its roots reaching Logjam Lumberyard seems to have triggered this conversion in the game's narrative.

A change in scenery and name to a major landmark in Fortnite isn't uncommon, but Logjam Lotus is the first area to potentially have four possible layouts, each with their own unique theme.

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Fortnite Logjam Lotus rotating layout explained

According to Fortnite dataminers, there are four possible layouts to Logjam Lotus:

  • Roman Colossal Coliseum theme
  • Pirate Lazy Lagoon theme
  • Wild west Tilted Town theme
  • Atlantis Coral Castle theme

As of writing, however, the Atlantis Coral Castle theme has yet to appear. Logjam Lotus might get another change in the future, but for now, it's just rotating between Roman, pirate, and wild west themes.

There is no way to trigger a certain layout at Logjam Lotus, as it's currently a random one in three chance that you'll get a particular theme at the beginning of each match.

Each layout at Logjam Lotus in Fortnite has its own unique assets and structures for you to explore and get loot from, but the basic layout of the terrain stays the same. There will always be a hill on the northwest side, for example, but the building on that hill differs with each layout.

The building on top of this hill will change with every theme.

The placement and general size of each building mostly stays the same with each theme. Although, instead of a large pirate ship or large Roman building to explore, there is only a small water tower and rail tracks in the wild west themed layout.

Apart from this, there seems to be the same amount of loot across all of the layouts, not counting the randomised chest spawns that occur at the beginning of each match.

Another interesting thing about the rotating layouts at Logjam Lotus is the three items in Rave Cave that seem to have teased their arrival to this season of Fortnite. There's a statue from Colossal Coliseum, a rock head shaped like Fishstick, and a pirate wheel from Lazy Lagoon.

No item displayed from Coral Castle seems to confirm that it isn't due to be released yet.

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Roman Colossal Coliseum theme

This Roman theme has a sort of deconstructed Colossal Coliseum layout to it, with many of the same structures and items appearing. Although, thankfully, it's not as maze-like anymore.

Pirate Lazy Lagoon theme

Based off the Lazy Lagoon area, the pirate ship makes a return! The theme also has a lot of crumbling castles dotted about the edges, with houses in the middle.

Wild west Tilted Town theme

This layout is based on the old Tilted Town wild west theme, and features items like mine carts, wagons, and rail tracks. Although the loot pool is fairly similar across all the Logjam Lotus themes, this wild west layout does seem to contain a little less loot that the other two.

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