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Fortnite Jonesy locations: Jonsey behind a fence, basketball court, near rooftops and back of a truck locations

Where to find Jonesy locations throughout the Downtown Drop mode.

Finding the many Jonesy locations is one of many Fortnite Challenges to complete.

Downtown Drop tasks you with finding Jonesy in various locations - including Jonesy behind a fence, Jonesy in the sewers, Jonesy near the basketball court, near the rooftops and in the back of a truck.

Note this particular challenge is no longer able to be completed. What's new? Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include the Grind Rails and Kinetic Blades, along with the new Battle Pass, character collection and Eren Jaeger skin. It's a good idea to know how to get XP fast in Fortnite.

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If you're looking for more to do in Fortnite, there are plenty of Fortbyte locations to discover.

Jonesy hidden behind a fence location in Fortnite

To find the Jonsey behind a fence, head down the course as usual, and after two right corners, hug the left wall.

About halfway down is a steep drop, with a curved wooden fence leading into the wall on the left.

This actually takes you into an easily-missed alleyway.

Head down the alley, past all the bins, to reach a fence with a gate.

Proceed through, and you'll encounter the Jonsey hidden behind the fence.

Find Jonesy in the sewers location in Fortnite

There are multiple ways to find Jonesy in the sewers in Fortnite.

The easiest is to find one of two hidden shortcut locations that'll take you through the sewers. These are in the latter half of the course, with an open sewer in the middle of the road between the second and third corners, as well as a slope leading from the third corner around the other side of the truck.

Both of these hidden shortcuts end up placing you right at the end of the course - but not before having you shoot past the Jonesy in the sewers location.

Alternatively, you can drop down this exit location by staying above around until the end of the course, locating the open tile in front of the truck and dropping down. You'll get spat right out, so if it doesn't trigger, then throw an Impulse Grenade before you do to help keep you down there.

Find Jonesy near the basketball court location in Fortnite

The basketball court location is on the outside of the first corner of the course. It's a green chain-fenced off area, which you can enter through the side door to access.

At the back of the basketball court location, clearly visible, is Jonesy. Approach him to complete this Jonesy location.

There's also a Fortnite letter location just outside the basketball court, too, while you're here!

Find Jonesy near the rooftops location in Fortnite

Finding the Jonesy location near the rooftops isn't easy. You'll find the rooftops location between the first and second corners, where you'll find the basketball court location and two food trucks specifically.

When the road levels out, before you get to the two food trucks, look up and right. You'll see construction in the upper part of the building, and it's here where the rooftop Jonesy is located.

You can get up there by hugging the right wall as you approach the corner and jumping onto the upper walkway, but this is particularly difficult. We found it easier to stand on the ground below and use an Impulse Grenade to propel up.

It's easiest if you stand below the walkway at the end, throw the Impulse Grenade at your feet, then jump - so when it explodes, you shoot straight up into the air. Now move your character onto the walkway, and head to the rooftop location and find the rooftop Jonesy location.

Find Jonesy in the back of a truck in Fortnite

Finding the back of the truck location is a case of completing the course, so you arrive back at the very start.

Now before you head down the ramp, look to the left, where you'll spot an alleyway.

Head down the alleyway, turn left, and you'll see the Jonesy in the back of the truck location.

Doing this is also useful for one of the Fortnite letter locations, which is also found at the very start of this course. Be sure to grab it if you need it and continue going down the road!

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