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Fortnite Two Food Trucks location: Where to Dance between two Food Trucks explained

Where to find the Two Food Trucks in the Downtown Drop mode.

Finding the Two Food Trucks is part of Fortnite's time limited mode Downtown Drop.

It tasks you with finding the two Food Truck locations and then dancing or emoting in-between them.

Unlike most other LTMs (Limited Time Modes), this doesn't take place on the existing Fortnite map, so finding it isn't as easy as you'd expect.

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Fortnite Two Food Trucks location: Where to Dance or Emote between Two Food Trucks

Downtown Drop is a limited time mode within Fortnite with a difference - it's set within a couple of streets, laden with ramps and coins, instead of the map we're so familiar with.

On these streets are two Food Trucks. To find them, you need to head down the street until you reach the second corner, where they will be on the outside.

There is a ramp right in front of them, so they can be easy to miss at a distance.

Stand in-between the two, and use a Dance or Emote - it doesn't matter which. Once that's done, the two Food Truck challenge is complete.

If you miss the Two Food Trucks location, don't fret. The Downtown Drop map loops round; meaning once you reach the end, you'll spawn back at the top of the twisting street, allowing you to have another go at running down.

There is enough time for three-to-four runs, so if you're really struggling, just hug the left wall until you come across the two Food Trucks location.

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