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Pokémon Go Masterwork Research Apex quest steps and rewards: How to get Apex Shadow Ho-Oh and Apex Shadow Lugia

An in-progress overview of Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho-Oh's quest.

Masterwork Research: Apex is the second Masterwork Research quest in Pokémon Go and, by completing it, you'll gain two powerful legendary Pokémon - Apex Shadow Ho-Oh and Apex Shadow Lugia.

If you want to complete this quest, however, you need to purchase a Pokémon Go Tour: Johto ticket and play Pokémon Go during the event. Doing so will unlock the Pokémon Go Tour: Johto special research quest and, once it's completed, Masterwork Research: Apex will be available.

Below you'll find the Masterwork Research: Apex quest steps, so you can get Apex Shadow Ho-Oh and Apex Shadow Lugia for your collection.

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'Masterwork Research: Apex' quest steps in Pokémon Go

Below you can find the Masterwork Research: Apex quest steps in Pokémon Go. Don't forget - this quest is designed to take a good amount of time, so don't feel like you have to rush the experience.

To unlock this quest, you must have first brought a Pokémon Go Tour: Johto ticket and, secondly, completed the Pokémon Go Tour: Johto special research quest. Thankfully, this special research has no deadline, so don't worry if you're unable to complete it during the event.

Be wary, this section does contain spoilers if you'd prefer to be surprised.

'Masterwork Research: Apex' Step 1 of 4

  • Earn 100,000 XP - 10x Hyper Potions reward
  • Complete 100 Field Research Tasks - 1000 XP reward
  • Catch 100 different species of Pokémon - Apex Shadow Ho-Oh encounter reward

Rewards: 1000 XP, 1000 Stardust and 20 Ho-Oh Candy

'Masterwork Research: Apex' Step 2 of 4

  • Earn a heart with your buddy 30 days in a row - 1x Poffin reward
  • Send 50 Gifts to friends - 1 Lure Module reward
  • Open 10 Gifts - 1 Lucky Egg reward

Rewards: 2000 XP, 3 Rare Candy and 2000 Stardust

'Masterwork Research: Apex' Step 3 of 4'

Rewards: 2000 XP, 2000 Stardust and an Apex Shadow Lugia encounter

'Masterwork Research: Apex' Step 4 of 4

  • Claim reward - 3000 XP
  • Claim reward - 4000 Stardust
  • Claim reward - 5000 XP

Rewards: 5000 XP, 5000 Stardust and 20 Lugia Candy

The Season of Adventures Abound is here! Currently the Out to Play event is running. You can also work on the Timed Investigation: Master Ball quest and compete in the Go Battle League. Be sure to compete in Shadow Raids, complete Routes, use Daily Adventure Incense for the chance of encountering Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres. This incense may also give you encounters with other rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

Tips on how to complete Masterwork Research: Apex in Pokémon Go

Here are some tips which will help you complete Masterwork Research: Apex:

  • You can use a Lucky Egg to double the amount of XP you receive any activity in Pokémon Go.
  • Remember - you can delete field research tasks, so, if you get one you don't like, simply get rid of it.
  • Using incense will attract a variety of Pokémon to your location.
  • If you're having trouble finding a variety of Pokémon species, then try using a special Lure Module at a PokéStop, because each one attracts a different set of Pokémon types.
  • Make sure you stock up on healing items, like Potions, before tackling the Team Go Rocket members.

Apex Shadow Ho-Oh and Apex Shadow Lugia moves in Pokémon Go explained

Apex Shadow Ho-Oh and Apex Shadow Lugia are the first in a new type of shadow legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

Both of these Pokémon can only be obtained by completing the Masterwork Research: Apex, which, as mentioned previously, is only available to players who've purchased a Go Tour: Johto ticket and completed the Pokémon Go Tour: Johto special research quest.

No matter which version of the Go Tour: Johto event you choose, you'll receive both Apex Shadow Ho-Oh and Apex Shadow Lugia during this questline.

Once you've caught an Apex Shadow Pokémon, you will have the option to purify it and, if you choose to do so, one of their attacks will become stronger when used in either Gyms or raids.

For Apex Shadow Ho-Oh:

  • Sacred Fire - rises from 135 to 155 power

For Apex Shadow Lugia

  • Aeroblast - rises from 200 to 225 power

Remember - you don't have to purify either Pokémon and, if you do, these power increases only apply to Gym and raid, not the trainer battles or the Go Battle League.

How Masterwork: Research Apex works in Pokémon Go

Masterwork: Research Apex is the second Masterwork Research quest to be released in Pokémon Go and offers you the chance to catch two dangerous legendary Pokémon - Apex Shadow Lugia and Apex Shadow Ho-Oh.

Like the first Masterwork Research quest - All-in-One #151 - this quest is exclusive to those who purchased tickets to a Go Tour event. In this case, the event is Go Tour: Johto and players must play Pokémon Go at least once on the day of the event, Saturday 26th February, to first unlock the Pokémon Go Tour: Johto special research quest.

Once this quest is completed, Masterwork: Research Apex will automatically unlock.

The challenges for Masterwork Research quests are designed to be far longer than those of a special research quest - one challenge from All-in-One #151 requires you to be Trainer Level 40. Due to this, don't be surprised if Masterwork: Research Apex takes you a number of months to complete.

Aside from the tough nature of the challenges, progressing through Masterwork Research: Apex is exactly the same as any other research quest; you need to complete your current set of challenges, collect the quest step's rewards and keep going until the whole quest is completed.

Thankfully, Masterwork: Research Apex has no deadline, so feel free to take your time!

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