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Modern Warfare 2 safe code combinations for 'El Sin Nombre' and 'Alone'

Get your hands on some secret weapons.

There are three safes to locate in the 'El Sin Nombre' and 'Alone' missions during the campaign of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but you must enter the correct safe code to open them.

Entering the right safe combination for all three will pop the 'Gentleman Thief' Trophy or Achievement, and can also help out during a mission, as the safes contain useful weapons.

Below, we've detailed every safe code combination in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to help you get these handy weapons quickly.

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MW2 safe code combination for Diego's apartment in 'El Sin Nombre' mission

Location: Diego's apartment.

Safe code: 02-02-19.

The first safe is located in Diego's apartment during the 'El Sin Nombre' mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. To get to it, you need to wait until Alejandro hands you a knife and mask after you exit the lift, when you should then walk to the end of the veranda on the right-hand side, and go through the door leading to another roof space on the left.

Climb the balcony at the back of this roof space, then take a left up the golden spiral stairs when inside it.

Diego's apartment is located all the way to the back-left of this area, opposite the lift, past the red pool table and the guard looking down a hall.

We recommend picking up the throwing knives in the room with the red pool table and throwing one at the head of the guard who is looking down the hallway. You'll then be free to sneak into Diego's apartment at the other end of this hallway, just don't stop walking until you get there, or another guard might see you.

Quietly open the door to Diego's apartment and search the cupboard to the right of his bed to reveal the first safe in MW2, and input the code '02-02-19' to open it.

The safe code for Diego's apartment in 'El Sin Nombre' 'is '02-02-19'.

Inside, you'll find Plate Carrier armour and a silenced Lockwood 300 shotgun - very helpful for sneaking and protection if you get into a firefight.

MW2 safe code combination for coffee shop in 'Alone' mission

Location: Coffee shop locked office.

Safe code: 10-10-80.

The second safe in MW2 is located behind the locked door in the coffee shop during the 'Alone' mission. You'll know you're close to the area when you come across the shotgun trap at the bottom of a flight of stairs.

Once you've deactivated this trap and acquired the shotgun, go up the stairs and go to the end of the corridor after picking up the resources in this area. When you open the door, a man will crawl and then come to a stop - just past this man is the coffee shop.

Take a left once you're inside the coffee shop, then use x1 Binding and x1 Metal to make a Pry Tool and unlock the shop's office door.

You'll find the safe to the right of the desk, and to open it use the safe code combination '10-10-80'.

The safe code for the coffee shop in 'Alone' 'is '10-10-80'.

Inside the first safe in the 'Alone' mission, you'll find a throwing knife and the silenced .50 GS pistol - very handy for silently eliminating enemies during this stealth-focused mission.

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MW2 safe code combination for workshop in 'Alone' mission

Location: Workshop office.

Safe code: 37-60-80.

To get to the last safe in MW2, jump down to the ground floor after opening the coffee shop safe in 'Alone', take the exit near the bar, and enter the door with 'El Maistro' written above it.

Go to the back of this workshop and enter the office by the water cooler to locate the safe in the corner of the room, opposite the door that leads outside.

The code to open the workshop safe is '37-60-80'.

Inside is a crossbow and throwing knife, both handy for silent kills - but use the crossbow wisely, as it only comes with two bolts.

If you've opened the other two safes, you'll also unlock the 'Gentleman Thief' Trophy or Achievement at this point.

Good luck during the rest of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign!

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