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Modern Warfare 2 campaign mission list, rewards, and how long to beat

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The Modern Warfare 2 campaign has multiplayer rewards earned by completing each mission, including a special reward for beating the campaign on any difficulty.

It's handy to know how many missions and how long it takes to complete Modern Warfare 2 so you can plan your time accordingly.

Below, we've detailed this information, along with all the MW2 campaign rewards, including what you get for beating the game.

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MW2 mission list and rewards

The Modern Warfare 2 campaign has 17 missions, and as with previous Call of Duty campaigns, the action is split across various continents and gameplay types as it jumps between the perspectives of multiple characters.

Although inspired by the original Modern Warfare 2 that released in 2009, this iteration is a continuation of the story rebooted in 2019's Modern Warfare, with a largely different plot - so get ready for some surprises!

For completing each mission, you'll get one reward that can be used in MW2's multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone 2.0 modes, and you'll also receive a blueprint for completing all seventeen missions on any difficulty.

Here's the complete Modern Warfare 2 mission list and campaign rewards for each mission:

MW2 mission Completion reward
Strike Soap's Determination Calling Card
Kill or Capture What's Done is Done Emblem
Wetwork Double XP Token
Tradecraft Double Weapon XP Token
Borderline Chainlinked Calling Card
Cartel Protection Chuy Operator
Close Air Double XP Token
Hardpoint Double Weapon XP Token
Recon By Fire Gaz Calling Card
Violence and Timing Nova Operator
El Sin Nombre Double XP Token
Dark Water Double Weapon XP Token
Alone Shadow Company Ops Calling Card
Prison Break Reyes Operator
Hindsight Double XP Token
Ghost Team Hutch Operator
Countdown (complete all campaign missions) Union Guard Weapon Blueprint

MW2 campaign complete reward Union Guard explained

The Union Guard is a primary weapon assault rifle variant, and is Captain Price’s signature weapon. Compared to the original assault rifle, the Union Guard has more stability when aiming, reduced vertical and horizontal recoil, sound suppression, and a clear sight picture.

The Union Guard blueprint reward comes with four pre-equipped attachments:

  • Aim OP-V4 Reflex Optic
  • SZ 1MW PEQ Laser
  • FSS Covert V Silencer on the Muzzle
  • Lockgrip Pricision-40 Underbarrel Vertical Grip
Price's signature weapon, the Union Guard assault rifle.

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How long to beat MW2 campaign explained

How long it takes to beat MW2's campaign depends on what difficulty you play on, and whether you're trying to get any Trophies or Achiements along the way - like opening all the safes for the 'Gentleman Thief' accolade.

Generally speaking though, if playing on Recruit or Regular difficulty and only focusing on clearing each level, it'll take six to eight hours to beat the campaign in Modern Warfare 2.

Although there are more missions than normal, some are shorter, making this the usual length of a Call of Duty game.

Good luck playing through the campaign!

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