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How to turn off crossplay in Modern Warfare 2 on PlayStation and Xbox

Don't want to play with other platforms on console? No problem.

Modern Warfare 2 allows you to turn off crossplay on consoles, meaning that you won't have to deal with mouse and keyboard players.

PC owners, meanwhile, cannot avoid the auto-aim used by console players in Modern Warfare 2 at launch.

This could be a choice by the developer to ease stability at launch - but right now, it's possible to disable crossplay on Xbox and PlayStation at least.

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How to turn off MW2 crossplay on PlayStation

To disable crossplay in Modern Warfare 2 on PlayStation, you just need to head into the settings menu. This can be done in the main menu, and the launcher, by pressing the Options button.

Now make your way to the 'Account and Network' section.

This does not appear for Xbox or PC players currently, which we'll explain in the coming sections.

The PlayStation 5 menu with the crossplay toggle in the settings.

How to disable MW2 crossplay on Xbox

Currently, there is no in-game option to turn off crossplay in Modern Warfare 2 if you are playing on Xbox. However, there is a method outside of the game itself - by going into the console settings.

First, go to the dashboard and press the Xbox button. Now you can select 'Settings.' Now follow these steps:

  1. Select 'General'
  2. Now 'Online Safety and Family'
  3. Next, select 'Privacy and Online Safety'
  4. Open 'Xbox Privacy'
  5. Select 'View Details and Customise'
  6. Now 'Communication and Multiplayer'
  7. Finally, use the 'You Can Join Cross-Network Play' section and switch it to 'Block'

When we next started the game, we received a message saying you need to provide authorisation.

After doing this, we could play multiplayer, with lobbies filled with Xbox players only.

Note that you may need to restart your console for the settings to take effect, and that this applies to all games on Xbox - not just Modern Warfare 2.

Can you disable crossplay on PC?

Currently, there is no way to disable crossplay if you are playing Modern Warfare 2 on PC. This is due to the option being missing in the game at launch.

Activision has yet to comment on this on launch day. We'll update when we hear more on whether the ability will be added into the game in future.

The crossplay toggle does not appear in the game's menus outside of PlayStation.

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Should you disable crossplay in Modern Warfare 2?

There are many reasons why you might want to disable crossplay in Modern Warfare 2.

The main one is that there are major differences between PC players playing with mouse and keyboard and those playing with a controller on console. Generally, Mouse and Keyboard allows for more precision and faster movement when compared to a console controller. To counteract this, console shooters often employ some level of aim assist.

Whether or not you should disable crossplay is completely up to you, and whether you mind playing against PC players who have increased mobility and faster aiming at their disposal, or console players with aim assist.

Turn it off if you'd like a more even playing field, basically.

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