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Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2.0 Operators list and how to unlock them

Here's how to unlock every SPECGRU and KORTAC Operator.

Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 Operators are each unlocked in a different way. Some require you to complete challenges, while others are tied to the campiagn mode.

There are 38 Operators in total. In Modern Warfare 2, these are split across two teams called SPECGRU and KORTAC. You'll have access to some of them when first loading into Modern Warfare 2, but most will need to be unlocked by playing the game, or by purchasing seasonal Battle Passes.

Here's how to unlock all Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 Operators including Ghost, Soap and Price.

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How to unlock all Operators

Each Operator has a slightly different unlock requirement. Some are as simple as completing a campiagn mode mission, while others will task you with completing challenges in multiplayer matches. Here's how to unlock all Operators, split into Modern Warfare 2's teams:

SPECGRU Operators

Operator How to unlock
Ranger I
Already available
Complete "Cartel Protection" (Mission Six) in campaign mode.
Get five Assists in a single Multiplayer match.
Get a kill with a secondary weapon.
Get a kill with Lethal equipment.
Complete "Violence and Timing" (Mission 10) in campaign mode.
Purchase Vault Edition.
Purchase Vault Edition.
Purchase Vault Edition.
Purchase Vault Edition.
Complete 'Low Profile' Co-op mission.
Complete "Prison Break" (Mission 14) in campaign mode.
Complete 'Defender: Mt. Zaya' Co-op mission.
Unlocked upon purchase of Season 2 Battle Pass.
Complete "Atomgrad Raid: Episode 1'.
Purchase in store.
Purchase in store.
Season 3 Battle Pass
CDL Male Home Unlocked on purchase of CDL / Call of Duty League Store pack
CDL Female Home Unlocked on purchase of CDL / Call of Duty League Store pack

KORTAC Operators

Operator How to unlock
Group I
Already available
Get two kills with a launcher in a single Multiplayer match.
Execute a Finishing Move.
Get five Headshot kills in a single Multiplayer match.
Complete the 17th mission in campaign mode.
Get five Kingslayer kills in a single Multiplayer match.
Pre-order exclusive.
Get a Point Blank kill.
Complete 'Denied Area' Co-op mission.
Get five Hipfire kills in a single multiplayer match.
Get 20 kills in a single Multiplayer match.
Get two Revenge kills in a single Multiplayer match.
Unlocked on purchase of Season 1 Battle Pass
Purchase in store.
Neymar Jr.
Purchase in store.
Season 3 Battle Pass
CDL Male Away Unlocked on purchase of CDL / Call of Duty League Store pack
CDL Female Away Unlocked on purchase of CDL / Call of Duty League Store pack

Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2 Season 3 Operators

There's two new Operators that have been added to Modern Warfare 2 as part of the Season 3 update. They're called Alejandro, and Valeria, and can be unlocked by purchasing the Season 3 Battle Pass.

How to unlock Soap, Farah, Ghost and Price Operators

If you've loaded up Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer, you will notice that Farah, Soap, Price and Ghost are all available as Operators. There is a catch however, as you'll only have access to them if you have the Vault Edition of the game.

The Operators are included in the Red 141 Team Operator Pack. This is...pretty pricey, bundling a bunch of exclusive skins and Operators. It's possible that these Operators will be available for all players later down the line. But for now, buying the Vault Edition is the only way to get them.

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