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Best FSS Hurricane loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3

How to get the most out of a strong SMG in MW3.

The FSS Hurricane is a Submachine Gun in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, returning from the previous game.

As part of the new Carry Forward system, all weapons, attachments and more have been brought across from Modern Warfare 2 and into Modern Warfare 3.

Similarly to how it was a rather popular gun at the launch of MW2, the FSS Hurricane continues to be a solid option in MW3, though if you didn't play the previous game or simply didn't acquire it, you might have a somewhat grindy road ahead of you.

In this guide, we'll be running through how to unlock the FSS Hurricane in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, as well as the best attachments and best class build you can arm yourself with when using this weapon.

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Warzone and MW3 FSS Hurricane best loadout and attachments

The attachments we are recommending to use with the FSS Hurricane create a perfect setup intended for a more fast-paced approach. Alongside mobility boosts, we're also looking at aspects to improve accuracy and recoil too.

Before diving into the full details on each, here are the five attachments we're recommending for use with the FSS Hurricane in Modern Warfare 3:

  • Stock: Demo Quicksilver Stock
  • Laser: 1MW Laser Box
  • Rear Grip: Phantom Grip
  • Barrel: FSS-X7 Barrel
  • Underbarrel: VX Pineapple

For the first attachment, we're picking the Demo Quicksilver Stock as it improves your aim-walking, crouch movement, ADS, and sprint speed, leaning heavily into much more mobility for the Hurricane. There are some hits to recoil control, but with the closer ranges and run-and-gun playstyle we're looking for with this gun, it ultimately shouldn't have too much impact.

Moving onto the second attachment, we're taking the 4MW Laser Box, a nice pick that doesn't have any negatives, and that includes no visible laser whilst aiming, so you don't have to worry about that. Instead, it brings with it boosts to hip recoil control and hipfire and Tac Stance spread, making it more accurate even when not ADSing.

The Gunsmith view of the FSS Hurricane equipped with the attachments we're recommending.

Going hand-in-hand with the boosted accuracy, the Phantom Grip makes it easier to react to enemies thanks to quicker sprint-to-fire and ADS speed.

On top of that, the FSS-X7 Barrel we're recommending comes with increased bullet velocity and range, as well as greater recoil control. Not only that, but it even comes with a built-in suppressor meaning your shots won't reveal your location on the minimap, making it an effecive stealth option too.

The FSS-X7 Barrel attachment in the Gunsmith preview screen, showcasing the pros and cons of the barrel - you can see the mention of the built-in suppressor at the top left in the attachment's description, as well as the Pro listing that says 'Undetectable by Radar'.

There is admittedly some loss of ADS and movement speed here, but this doesn't affect the overall build too much, plus that's without mentioning the perks we'll be recommending to help even further to make this a stronger run-and-gun approach.

As for the final attachment, to provide some extra stability when firing, we're going for the VX Pineapple underbarrel grip that'll grant you some extra recoil and gun kick control as well as reduced hipfire and Tac Stance spread, on top of greater aim-walking steadiness.

Warzone and MW3 FSS Hurricane best class build, vest, perks, gear, and equipment

Since we're going for a run-and-gun playstyle - admittedly with a hint of stealth thanks to a built-in suppressor - we'll be looking at perks and an overall class build that'll assist in emphasisng those core elements with a couple of options that lets you swing it further in either direction.

Before we discuss what each of them provides, here's a high-level look at the vest, perks, and equipment we're picking to complement the FSS Hurricane in Modern Warfare 3:

  • Vest: Infantry Vest
  • Perk 1 - Gloves: Scavenger Gloves
  • Perk 2 - Boots: Lightweight Boot
  • Perk 3 - Gear: Mission Control Comlink, Data Jacker, or Ghost T/V Camo
  • Secondary: Renetti, 9MM Daemon, or .50 GS
  • Tactical: Flash Grenade
  • Lethal: Frag Grenade
  • Field Upgrade: Portable Radar

Since we're going for a mobile playstyle with the FSS Hurricane, the no-brainer pick for Vest is the Infantry Vest thanks to its increased Tactical Sprint duration and reduced refresh time, increasing its overall uptime and helping you get around maps quicker.

The FSS Hurricane class build we're recommending.

To compliment this, we're picking the Lightweight Boots for a base movement speed increase, and throwing on the Scavenger Gloves so you're able to replenish ammo from defeated enemies.

To cap off the perk selection, we're looking at a few perks, each of which can be strong and effective in their own ways.

You could take Mission Control Comlink to earn your killstreaks faster, Data Jacker to have a nearby radar ping after grabbing the pickups from enemies after you defeat them, or Ghost T/V Camo to further the stealth aspect initiated by the gun's built-in suppressor to hide yourself from enemy radar and scanner sources as you're moving around.

The Data Jacker perk we're recommending as one of the perks you could equip in the Gear perk slot.

The choice is yours and we can see a place for more or less any of them in this build.

As for your secondary weapon, it depends on what kind of weapon you'd like to back you up.

There's the 3-burst Renetti which can be converted to a mini SMG of sorts with the Jak Ferocity Carbine Conversion Kit, but having an SMG-like weapon with an SMG may not be the best combo. That said, its 3-burst standard variant is a decent pick and probably better than the Aftermarket-Part-equipped version.

As a couple of alternatives, you could go for the 9MM Daemon - a semi-automatic handgun that deals more damage per shot - or the .50 GS that has much greater damage with the potential of one-shot kills in the chest and above, but a lower fire rate and less shots in the mag.

Left: The 9MM Daemon handgun. | Right: The .50 GS handgun.

Whichever you pick, they're all pretty solid options and could each serve as a strong backup in their own ways.

When it comes to equipment, it's very much down to your preference and what works well for you.

For Tactical and Lethals, we're sticking with the olde faithful Flash and Frag Grenades which are more or less reliable options in whatever class you're building as they can always serve a purpose and aren't directly designed for one particular use case like the Claymore or Proximity Mines might be.

In terms of Field Upgrade, we're going with the Portable Radar to provide greater battlefield awareness, and - if you pick the Data Jacker perk - to synergise with a more reconnaissance-focused approach.

As always, how you tweak and build your classes is entirely up to you, and there are always elements that may not always work for you. If that's the case, feel free to mix and match across the board to find the approach that best suits how you want to play.

How to unlock the FSS Hurricane in Modern Warfare 3

Whilst its own unlock requirements haven't changed from Modern Warfare 2, the prior requirements to unlock what's needed to acquire the FSS Hurricane has changed.

Thanks to Carry Forward, if you already acquired the FSS Hurricane in MW2, along with essentially all of your other unlocks, it'll be here to use in Modern Warfare 3 as well.

For those who didn't unlock it however, to unlock the FSS Hurricane, you'll need to reach weapon level 16 with the FTac Recon.

The extended grind here comes from the fact that the FTac Recon itself requires the M4 to be levelled up to level 13, and the M4 is only acquired after completing a challenge that is revealed when reaching player level 55.

Left: The M4 progression track showing that the FTac Recon unlocks at M4 weapon level 13. | Right: The FTac Recon progression track showing that the FSS Hurricane unlocks at FTac Recon weapon level 16.

This means you'll have to go on quite the trek to acquire the FSS Hurricane depending on what you have unlocked from MW2.

If you happen to be an owner of the Vault Edition of MW2 though, you should have access to the base version of all weapons that are connected to the M4, whether in the same progression track, or in another weapon's, such as the FTac Recon or 556 Icarus.

Once you've acquired the FSS Hurricane, you'll be able to equip it in your own custom loadouts, and use, level, and customise it from that point on.

If you're looking for more loadout guides like this one covering various weapons in Modern Warfare 3, be sure to check out guides on the DG-58, Sidewinder, KATT-AMR, and many more. For more of the weapons to keep an eye out for, check out our various weapon-class-focused coverage pages, or the overall best guns guide.

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