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How to get Sumeru craftable weapons and 'Stories of You and the Aranara' in Genshin Impact

Where to get blueprints for every forgeable Sumeru weapon.

Sumeru craftable weapons in Genshin Impact were added to the game during the 3.0 update, but you need to jump through a few hoops before you can get these forgable weapon blueprints.

To unlock the ability to craft the King's Squire, Sapwood Blade, Moonpiercer, Forest Regalia, and Fruit of Fufillment, you will need to find a special material called 'Stories of You and the Aranara'.

Neither the stories material, nor the ability to exchange them for the Sumeru craftable weapon tales are available as soon as you enter Sumeru, however, so we've detailed how to get Sumeru craftable weapons below - along with how to get 'Stories of You and the Aranara' in Genshin Impact.

Version 3.0 "The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings" Trailer | Genshin Impact.

How to get Sumeru craftable weapons in Genshin Impact

To get Sumeru craftable weapons in Genshin Impact, you need to complete 'The World of Aranara' part of the 'Aranyaka Part 2' World Quest. To unlock Part 1 of the Aranyaka World Quest, go to Sumeru, then travel down the main southern path from Sumeru City. You'll bump into Rana on the main intersection that leads to Gandharva Ville in the east, and the questline will begin.

When you complete 'The World of Aranara', follow the new 'Trees and Dreams' quest marker and head up through the nearby cave in the northeast of Vanarana to find the Tree of Dreams. To the right of the tree is Aravinay.

You can now speak to Aravinay and exchange one 'Stories of You and the Aranara' for one Sumeru weapon tale. You can unlock the weapons in any order, so if you really like the look of that Moonpiercer polearm, you can go ahead and spend the one story you currently have on it!

There are a total of five 'Stories of You and the Aranara' to find - one for every Sumeru craftable weapon you can buy from Aravinay.

When you have a weapon's tale, take it to Ahangar, the blacksmith in Sumeru City and select 'Learn' on the tale itself. Ahangar can now make the Sumeru weapon for you if you have the required materials.

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How to get 'Stories of You and the Aranara' in Genshin Impact

This unique currency can only be used for exchanging with Aravinay in Vanarana for Sumeru craftable weapons - and it fittingly has a unique way of acquiring them. To get the 'Stories of You and the Aranara' material, you need to complete five parts of the encompassing 'Aranyaka' World Quest.

When you finish the final section of the lengthy World Quest, 'Aranyaka: Part 4', you will have all five stories in your inventory, and can now give them to Aravinay in exchange for all of the craftable Sumeru weapon tales.

More specifically, here's how to get every 'Stories of You and the Aranara' in Genshin Impact:

Stories of You and the Aranara How to get
Story 1 Complete 'The World of Aranara' as part of 'Aranyaka: Part 2'
Story 2 Complete 'A Prayer for Rain in the Fecund Land' as part of 'Varuna Gatha'
Story 3 Complete 'The Final Chapter' as part of 'Agnihotra Sutra'
Story 4 Complete 'Dev Delver Chapter' as part of 'Vimana Agama'
Story 5 Complete 'Aranyaka: Part 4'

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