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Far Cry 6 anti aircraft guns: How to destroy anti aircraft guns easily and locations explained

How to clear the skies and find uranium across the map.

Destroying Far Cry 6 anti aircraft guns are one of several objectives you can complete across the map.

Introduced during an early game story mission, tracking down anti aircraft guns are important for two reasons - one to help you clear the skies so you can fly freely, and two, to find depleted uranium locations, with a stash at each location used to help build out your collection of resolver weapons.

This page explains how to blow up anti aircraft guns easily - and find their locations in a variety of ways so you can get all the uranium you need.

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How to destroy anti aircraft guns in Far Cry 6 explained

Anti aircraft guns are huge structures which, as the name employs, will shoot down any helicopters or planes you pilot within their radius.

However, aside from the sentries which roam around them as part of the bases they are located, are largely defenceless.

That said, they aren't without armour - as conventional arms or fire-based weaponry can't destroy them. This means you need to rely on explosives, which aren't readily available from the beginning of the game.

As such, there are three methods we'd recommend to blow up anti aircraft guns:

  • Finding nearby explosive barrels and shooting them (not available at all locations)
  • Using the Exterminator supremo
  • Using grenades or rocket launcher rounds

We recommend the second method out of the above to make taking down anti aircraft guns easily. With the starting supremo, you'll shower all nearby enemies with rockets from above - meaning all you have to do is let rip close to the anti aircraft location, and it'll be gone within seconds.

The only snag is you have to wait until it's charged. If so, look out for explosive barrels near the gun while you wait on the off chance some are close by.

Far Cry 6 anti aircraft gun and depleted uranium locations map

You can find all anti aircraft gun locations - each with depleted uranium to plunder - using the following map:

If you don't fancy using a map, and / or want a quick way to clear each site, then the following method may help...

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How to easily blow up anti aircraft guns and find their locations quickly

If you want to quickly find an anti aircraft gun for an easy source of depleted uranium, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Have the Exterminator supremo equipped and charged
  2. Visit a Helipad Pickup or Airstrip Pickup (found at the gruella bases you unlock from one of the main paths after the starting island) and request a vehicle
  3. Fly it across the map until you are detected by an anti aircraft gun
  4. When shot down, jump out and deploy your parachute
  5. Check your map to find the anti aircraft site which just targeted you
  6. Fly down to the anti aircraft site and use the Exterminator supremo to destroy the gun

This means you not only don't have to follow a map, but means you can quickly land at the desired location without exploring on foot first.

The depleted uranium will also be close by in a tell tale chest. It's also worth checking all nearby tents, which usually have maps of caches and other items worth adding to your map for future reference.

In summary, this is a very handy way of fleshing out your map, expanding your arsenal with uranium, and by clearing the skies for so you can explore freely.

It's particularly useful for getting the Triada Blessings quest - with its three distant locations and powerful rewards - done sooner than later.

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