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Far Cry 6 Chorizo location: Where to find and unlock Chorizo in Far Cry 6

Bark life.

Chorizo is, outside of antagonist Antón Castillo and hero Dani Rojas, probably the most recognisable character in Far Cry 6.

The adorable pooch is visible almost at the start of the game, where you told how to unlock him in the amigos menu. Of course, learning the name of the location, and knowing where to go, are two different things.

This page explains how soon into Far Cry 6 you can find Chorizo and complete his respective quests.

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Far Cry 6 Chorizo location: Where to find Chorizo in Far Cry 6

It's no secret where Chorizo can be found in Far Cry 6, as as soon as you unlock your first amigo, you'll learn he can be unlocked by petting him "at the Montero Farm in Mogote Foothills".

You first need to get away from the opening island of Isla Santuario. From there, you have three paths to take (our where to go first on Far Cry 6's map page can help with this). One of these, on the west side, is Meet the Monteros - and it's this quest line you need to start to meet Chorizo.

Thankfully, this initial mission will see you meet Chorizo almost straight away. To get there, make your way west from the base by boat, heading west around the coast, until you reach the quest marker a little inland.

After meeting Philly and Chorizo at the airstrip, then go east to the quest marker for the second part of the mission.

This involves you exploring the plantation, and after meeting with Espada and escaping, you'll arrive at the Montero Farm.

It's here you can pet Chorizo and begin recruiting him as an amigo.

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Where to find crocodile meat and recruit Chorizo in Far Cry 6

When you're ready, pet Chorizo to start the Who's a Good Boy? mission.

Read the note on the board afterwards to learn that you need to find some crocodile meat, with Serpentino Park being your best bet.

If you look south on the map, find the Cortina River area, and within should be a Yaran Crocodile Hunting Spot icon. If for whatever reason it doesn't show for you, it's located here:

At this location, it won't take you long to find some crocodiles (or in our case, a group of three which ambushed us and our horse, RIP). We managed to get the crocodile meat after a surprise attack and a subsequent button mash to get away, but we imagine using melee or old fashioned bullets should also do the trick.

With that done, return to Chorizo, and give over the meat.

Immediately, 'Fetch Quest' will begin. This mission is pretty simple - just follow Chorizo and he'll show you locations of buried and locked treasure you can now access. The spoils are pretty good - including a selection of rare meats, a mysterious key and some Resolver Material.

Then, once you have opened up Chorizo's Tag charm at the end, he will become your amigo.

For stealth players, Chorizo will come in useful - with his main ability distracting enemies so you can then engage in surprise attacks.

As with other amigos, the more they are used, the more abilities will become available - so be sure to give Chorizo plenty of attention to get the most from him. Enjoy!

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