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Far Cry 6 male or female character choice: Male and female Dani Rojas differences in Far Cry 6 explained

Far Cry is life!

Far Cry 6 follows Assassin's Creed's lead by giving you a choice with who you play as.

Unlike Far Cry 5, which provides full character customisation, Far Cry 6 has a fixed lead - Dani Rojas - which can be male or female depending on your choosing.

You'll make this choice at the very beginning of the game, with little context of what it means. In short, go with your preference, as it's ultimately cosmetic - but this page can provide additional information if you're undecided.

Far Cry 6 - Male and Female Dani Rojas opening cutscenes in actionWatch on YouTube

If you're looking for more guides, our explainer on how to complete early game mission Fuel the Revolution as well as Far Cry 6 endings can help.

Far Cry 6 male or female choice explained: Are there any differences between male and female Dani Rojas, and which is canon?

Moments into the introductory cutscene, Dani will be looking at their passport in first person, and is asked to chip into the conversation. It's at this point you have a choice of a male or female Dani.

This choice has little context surrounding it, but know that whichever Dani you decide, the game and story will unfold the exact same way.

Looking for more help? If you're just starting, we have pages on male or female Dani Rojas, completing Fuel the Revolution, how to destroy anti-aircraft guns, and where to go first on the map. Elsewhere, we explain where to find Triada Relic locations, Parting Gifts, The Long Drop, Cache Money, Rising Tide, High Supply, And the Beat Goes On, The Last One to Leave, Liquid Courage, The Missing Muse, The Emerald Skull, The Truest Yaran, Chorizo's location, the best Far Cry 6 weapons, and the GDP Oil Platform, Finally, we explain Far Cry 6's secret ending.

To clarify:

  • The Dani Rojas choice is cosmetic and doesn't affect gameplay or the story
  • To quote Ubisoft, "both Danis are equal, both are canon"

This means you must simply go with your preference. If you're undecided, the video near the top of this page shows the remainder of the opening cutscene, if you want to see both male and female Danis in action.