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Far Cry 6 Fuel the Revolution mission: How to assassinate Comandante Rosario explained

How to complete the early-game story mission.

Far Cry 6's Fuel the Revolution is an early story mission with several objectives.

One has you secure an FND Fuel Depot, and the other has you assassinate someone named Comandante Rosario - whose location isn't exactly clear.

Since the game throws you in the deep end when it comes to tackling bases, completing the latter in particular might be overwhelming - but thanks for some recently acquired arsenal, there's an easy way to tick it off your list.

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Where to find and assassinate Comandante Rosario in Far Cry 6

The mission has two objectives - Secure the FND Base, and Assassinate Comandante Rosario. However, there are three locations which are marked on your mini-map and heads-up display - with the latter objective saying Rosario is "inspecting a military site, in Prado Meadows... but which one?"

This means you have to check the two north-west locations. From what we can tell, Rosario can appear at either - so you have to check both.

However, there's an easy way to spot and then take down Rosario in either heavily-fortified location.

Visit one and look over it from a high vantage point. There will be cliffs near each site to allow you to use your camera to scan the sentries within.

Both locations have nearby vantage points you can look in from.

If Rosario is there, she will be wondering out in the open, and you should spot her pretty quickly. This means if you can't find her, you simply travel to the other location, confirm where she's located, then plan your attack.

When you find Rosario, there is a quick way to take her down without having to resort to stealth - by using your Supremo. Sprint into the base, and once you get reasonably close enough, activate your Supremo - and homing rockets should rain down and take her out within seconds.

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Once done, you now need to get out of combat and away from the restricted area. This emcompasses a wide radius, so essentially sprint and once you have found a vehicle, head east across the island, until the objective clears.

If you haven't already, it's time to head to the far eastern point of the island to the Cabeza Fuel Depot.

Again, you can use a high vantage point - the two tankers overlooking the site - to scout the sentries within. From there, take your time clearing the depot of enemies. Don't forget to use the Supremo here either to clear the way so you can then pick off any stragglers.

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