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Far Cry 6 High Supply: How to climb the mountain and solve the High Supply quest

Not quite seven thousand steps, but close enough.

Uncertain of how to climb to the summit? Here's how to climb the mountain and solve the High Supply quest in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6's High Supply is one of the treasure hunts in the game.

This tasks you to climb a colossal mountain all the way to the top, taking on external obstacles, several grapple points, and a peculiar section inside a cave.

This page explains how to climb the mountain easily in Far Cry 6 to complete High Supply in no time.

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Far Cry 6 High Supply location

Treasure hunts in Far Cry 6 are optional activities that often involve solving environmental puzzles and putting your grapple to good use with some acrobatics inside caves or military bases. At the end of each you will receive unique rewards, from unique weapons to weapon charms.

Here's where you can start the High Supply treasure hunt:

  • High Supply location: Northeast of Verdera and northwest of Palma Forest in Lozanía.

Now, let's jump to the steps to complete the quest.

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How to complete High Supply and climb the mountain explained

This one is started by grabbing a note found over a table on a balcony south of Corazón Alley. From there, we're moving to the signalised icon on the map, which is located west of Concepción.

This one is started by picking up a note from a box next to a dead soldier in Lozanía. From there, we're going climbing. The key is to start exactly where the soldier is by climbing the ledge. Then, take the path to the left to find two more ledges, as well as a gap in the road that you'll have to jump over after a quick sprint.

Climb one more ledge and keep heading straight. Then, you will stumble upon a grapple point. Ascend all the way to the top and move over the boardwalk to the other end. Following this path will lead you inside a cave.

Look above for another grapple point. Then, the next 'corridor' has a big gap in between with a pool and some spikes. It seems tricky, but in our experience, sprinting and taking a jump over to the other side did the trick. We did fall on the spikes but didn't receive damage, so just jump forward until you're on the other side. If you fall into the water, you can just climb up again with a few ledges on the left.

The following section is simple enough: there are two batches of grapple points, so just ascend and swing away to the outside of the cave. Melee the branches blocking the exit and let's continue moving.

We'll continue climbing to the top. For this, go to your left after exiting the cave. You can jump over the ledges or climb using the flowered branches, up to you. Then, use the grapple point. You will end up in an area that has an orange smoke signal afar. Use the grapple again to get to the other side.

From here, you will see a pile of rocks covered by a red net. Either throw a bomb or any other explosive projectile at them, or just shoot them until they clear the path. Then, use the ledges to continue going up. This is it - the supply drop is yours for the taking, which will reward you with the M16 A1 rifle.

That's all for the treasure hunt!

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