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Far Cry 6 best weapons: Where to find the best unique weapons in Far Cry 6

Our picks for the finding powerful, ready-made firearms.

Far Cry 6 unique weapons are ready-made firearms you can find out in the world.

Acting partly as collectibles and partly as rewards for completing certain side-objectives and story missions, these are unique weapons which come with powerful perks.

Since you can pick these up as soon as the game allows you to start exploring, they are a great way to load up your arsenal without having to mess around with workbenches.

Instead of an exhaustive list of every weapon, we've run down our favourites that we've uncovered across the game - from our best early game weapon recommendations to those which will take a little more time, but will be definitely worth the effort.

Note we don't include Resolver weapons on this list - that said, if you want arguably the best in the game, then it's worth completing the Triada Blessings quest to get one which can - incredibly - shoot through walls when combined with a specific Supremo.

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What are the best early unique weapons in Isla Santuario?

Struggling with early game missions such as Fuel the Revolution or taking down bases? Then it's worth pausing the main story and tracking down some early game weapons.

The Autocrat, Viva Libertad, Fuck Anton and Humidora are some of the unique weapons you can find on the starting location of Isla Santuario.

Thankfully, there's a fair few to find on the opening island of Isla Santuario. Though only a couple of these - Fuck Anton and Humidora - we'd class as weapons you'd want to stick with long term, the rest are easy enough to pick up that they're worth grabbing, if only to round off your roster for a variety of situations.

They are as follows:

  • The Autocrat (Pistol with armor piercing rounds): This can be found in Fort Quito, the Fort you encounter as part of the Du or Die mission very early in the story. Once inside the complex, on the ground floor is a south-facing door. Enter, go down into the basement, then enter the fenced off area within by blasting the boards to the side. The weapon is on a shelf.
  • Viva Libertad (Assault Rifle with soft-target rounds and laser pointer): In Punto Norte Lighthouse in the very north of the island. You visit here in the Libertad Rises, the final mission before leaving the island, though you can grab it sooner as it's simply sitting just by the door of the building next to the lighthouse.
  • El General (Auto Pistol with vehicle Blast Rounds): This is found in the Prado Meadows area, the northern base of the two featured in the Fuel the Revolution mission. Find the bunker, grab the security pass on the right desk, and use it on the door underground to find this in a case.

After that, know you can easily explore the map once you have learned how to destroy anti aircraft guns quickly, allowing you to get others on this list within no time at all.

Best unique rifle weapon locations in Far Cry 6

Fuck Anton

  • Attachment mods: Poison Rounds, Muzzle Break (improves horizontal recoil, muzzle flesh)
  • Mods: Trigger Discipline (improves aimed weapon damage), Nimble Shooter (move speed while aiming)

After being obsessed with poison rounds in Assassin's Creed, having a poison weapon with other great mods so early in the game is a real boon. Poison works a little differently here - stunning rather than chipping away health - but it's great when paired with switching out to a shotgun after letting off a few rounds.

You can pick the Fuck Anton in less than an hour after leaving the opening island, with only a slight diversion from the three main story paths to unlock it.

  • Fuck Anton Location: First, you must have unlocked Chorizo as an amigo. This can be done shortly after you leave the opening island of Isla Santuario and complete the first mission of the Montero storyline branch. This will then give you the mysterious key, which can you use to open a chest on the island in the middle of Isla Santuario.


  • Attachment mods: Blast Rounds (blast damage), Canted Sight, Tactical Sight
  • Mods: Preloader (improves speed when replacing a partially used mag), Gut-Wrencher (improves body shot damage)

The Hi-Fi has a great magazine clip, carrying up to 40 rounds per mag and sheer force for each one of them. In addition, it includes two iron sight variations, and the Gut-Wrencher mod is perfect for those who are not looking to land headshots all the time, but still want to make the most damage possible.

  • Hi-Fi Location: El Rancho Bicho in Cielo Gardens

Following the questline of Las Matanzas will eventually take you to El Rancho Bicho, which is where Bicho lives. All you have to do is open the front door and you will immediately notice the chest on the foot of the bed.


  • Attachment mods: Incendiary Rounds (fire damage), Red Dot Sight
  • Mods: Reload All (reloading this weapon reloads all weapons)

Far Cry 6 doesn't have skills that grants you elemental damage of any sorts, but the Zona-51 rifle gets fairly close. With it, you'll be able to inflict fire damage just by shooting at enemies, as well as the chance to set them and nearby targets on fire.

  • Zona-51 Location: La Divinidad Cathedral in Old Pueblo

This weapon can be found inside La Divinidad Cathedral, which is in Old Pueblo, the eastern side of Esperanza. In order to access it, pinpoint the location on the map and follow the GPS route with a car. Once there, approach it from where the bell tower is, as this structure has ladders on the outside.

Once inside, head down until you're on ground level again, and grab the Bell Tower Key from the table on the main hall. Hop up on the ladders once more and return to the bell tower. There, use the key to get inside the locked room, where you'll find the chest.

Best unique shotgun weapon locations in Far Cry 6


  • Attachment mods: Incendiary Shells (fire damage), Red Dot Sight
  • Mods: Fresh Clip (first shot after reloading deals improved damage)

This shotgun packs a real punch at a short range, with incendiary shells with can deal fire damage which can deal damage over time. It's particularly useful in a firefight when your back is against a wall, allowing you to pick off advancing enemies quickly while you recover health or work out your next options. Reload between rounds so that first shot deals even more damage.

  • Humidora Location: On the South-east coast of Isla Santuario, at the Punto Este Lighthouse:

This is a lightly guarded area, with just a single sentry at the bottom. Grapple up to the very top of the lighthouse - in the middle level, duck and go across the board to the outer edge to continue - to find it in a container at the top.


  • Attachment mods: Shotgun Shells (high-caliber single-shot rounds), Micro Reflex Sight, Laser Pointer (improves bullet spread during hipfire)
  • Mods: Preloader (improves the speed of replacing partially used mags)

If you were looking for the perfect companion to take on enemies at close quarters, this is the one for you. The Cow.Pew.Ter excels at this and doesn't penalize you for reloading before the mag is fully empty, which is something that happens often during combat.

  • Com.Pew.Ter Location: Taíno Peak Relay Station in Noventarmas

From the Hideout Danzón in Noventarmas, which is northeast of Yuquibo's Peak, head southeast to find an enemy encampment. Once inside, you will notice a peculiar tower.

All you have to do is climb the ladder inside the tower and head all the way up to find the chest.


  • Attachment mods: Buckshot Rounds (high-damage close-range high spread pellets), X-Large Classic Suppressor (greatly reduces weapon noise and impairs effective range)
  • Mods: Fast Reload (improves reload speed), Keep it Cool (improves suppressor cooling rate)

If you're a firm believer that shotguns can be great long-range weapons, the Supercharger approves this theory. It doesn't have the reach of a rifle, but it will take down enemies in both short to mid distances without a problem, which makes for an interesting change of pace.

Located on the northwestern corner of the map, appearing as an island just outside of Aguas Lindas in Madrugada, you'll find the GDP Oil Platform. You will visit this location during the Diesel Daisy mission from the Monteros storyline.

For this one, you have to press a switch inside one of the rooms of the facility, which will activate a crane that lifts a container and lets you enter the one beneath it.

Start by heading southwest of the oil platform, where you will see a white room with the number 16 written on it. Hop inside and press the red button that is right over the window.

If you pay attention outside the window, you will notice how the crane lifts the container afar. Make your way to the containers (the spot is on the southeastern side if you're looking at the map) and head inside to find the chest.

Best unique bows weapon locations in Far Cry 6


  • Attachment mods: Precision Arrows (arrows fly straighter for longer distances), Crosshair Sight
  • Mods: High Ground (improves damage to enemies below you), Headshot Supremo (headshots reward bonus Supremo charge)

Bows are once again present in case you want to go for a more stealthy approach. High Ground makes for an interesting mod - if you're constantly looking for vantage points to take down enemies roaming in a base, this is perfect for that. Bonus points if you rely on your Supremo often, as Headshot Supremo will help you to charge it faster.

  • Bullseye location: North of the Verde River checkpoint in Sierra Perdida

This one is fairly straightforward. From the Verde River checkpoint in Sierra Perdida, head north by following the main road until you stumble upon a set of cages on the left side. One of them has the chest inside.

El Capirote

  • Attachment mods: Precision Arrows (arrows fly straighter for longer distances), Reflex Bow Sight
  • Mods: Beast Master (deals more damage to animals)

El Capirote not only serves as a great bow for long distances or quiet approaches, but its standout is set around Beast Master, which gives you a damage buff when you're hunting animals. The surrounding area of this HQ is a great place to do so!

  • El Capirote location: North of the Verde River checkpoint in Sierra Perdida

For this one, all you have to do is build the Hunter's Lodge in Patriotas Peak, the main HQ for the Leyendas del '67 group.

Interact with the Construction Desk and choose the Hunter's Lodge. In order to build it, you'll need 40x Medicine and 40x Metal. Once it's complete, you'll automatically obtain the bow.

Looking for more help? If you're just starting, we have pages on male or female Dani Rojas, completing Fuel the Revolution, how to destroy anti-aircraft guns, and where to go first on the map. Elsewhere, we explain where to find Triada Relic locations, Parting Gifts, The Long Drop, Cache Money, Rising Tide, High Supply, And the Beat Goes On, The Last One to Leave, Liquid Courage, The Missing Muse, The Emerald Skull, The Truest Yaran, Chorizo's location, the best Far Cry 6 weapons, and the GDP Oil Platform, Finally, we explain Far Cry 6's secret ending.

Best unique sniper rifle weapon locations in Far Cry 6

The Transubstantiator

  • Attachment mods: Soft-Target Rounds (extra damage to unarmoured enemies), Small Russian Scope
  • Mods: Fast Reload (improves reload speed), Vampiric Triada (chance of healing when dealing damage)

This is an interesting sniper rifle. It not only carries quite a punch, but the mods made for a solid combination. Vampiric Triada gives you a chance to heal when dealing damage, while Fast Reload increases these chances by letting you reload faster.

  • The Transubstantiator Location: True Yaran Academy in Cielo Gardens

Following the questline of Las Matanzas will eventually take you to the True Yaran Academy, but since this chest location is outside of the facility, you can pick it up whenever.

First, head into the woods of the southeastern side of the academy, where you will find an opened manhole with a ladder.

Take the ladder and descend into the sewers. As soon as you're on the ground, look to your right to find the chest.

El Tirano

  • Attachment mods: Armor Piercing Rounds (penetrates helmets and body armor), Small Advanced Sniper Scope, Large Muzzle Brake (improves horizontal recoil and muzzle flash)
  • Mods: Extended Mag (improves mag size), Fresh Clip (first shot after reloading deals extra damage)

This is more of a standard rifle compared to The Transubstantiator, but it compensates the lack of vampirism buffs for armor-piercing rounds and a bigger magazine clip.

  • El Tirano Location: Escila Fort in Ventosa Peninsula

On the northeastern side of the map you'll find the Escila Fort, an enemy encampment part of the Ventosa Peninsula. You can either enter and head north to the lighthouse, or just approach the lighthouse from the outer wall by using a grappling hook.

If you do the latter, you're going to have to go around the first corner you see and take the ladder to the upper ground. From there, climb again and aim at the lighthouse to see the grappling hook prompt. Then, go ahead and open the chest.

Ascend to the inside of the lighthouse and open the chest.

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