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Far Cry 6 Parting Gifts: How to power the water pump and solve Parting Gifts in Far Cry 6

Burning inside.

Uncertain of how to power the water pump? Here's how to put out the fire and solve the Parting Gifts quest in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6's Parting Gifts is one of the treasure hunts in the game.

This tasks you to power a water pump by performing certain actions in order, which will then allow you to put out the fire and grab a key needed to reach the stash in the coco oven.

This page explains how to power the water pump to put out the fire in Far Cry 6 and complete Parting Gifts promptly.

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Far Cry 6 Parting Gifts location

Treasure hunts in Far Cry 6 are optional activities that often involve solving environmental puzzles and putting your grapple to good use with some acrobatics inside caves or military bases. At the end of each you will receive unique rewards, from unique weapons to weapon charms.

Here's where you can start the Parting Gifts treasure hunt:

  • Parting Gifts location: South of El Agujero hideout in Conuco, specifically in Coco's Conuco Oven.

Now, let's jump to the steps to complete the quest.

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How to complete Parting Gifts and power the water pump explained

This one is started by picking up a note inside a small red case in Coco's Conuco Oven. There are a few steps to follow to access the stash.

First, head inside the deposit just next to the note. In there you will see two green machines opposed to each other - interact with the both to plug the cables off.

Head outside again and get close to the blue truck. See that cargo that it has attached to its back? Move towards the connection and detach it. Then, hop onto the car and drive it around the corner of the deposit, where you'll find an orange generator. If you get close to it in reverse, it will attach automatically.

Then, drive the truck up the hill, where you will see a water tank (which says “agua”), a building with a fire inside, and a shed on the other end. The key here is to leave the generator inside said shed. You can drive there in reverse or get off the truck and press the 'push' button prompt close to the generator to move it slowly.

Now, go to the water tank and activate it. This will set off the fire inside the building, so let's explore inside. There's one window on the other end - if you peek inside, you will notice a hanging lock behind the moving fan. Shoot it down with any weapon.

Doing so will unlock a hatch on the rooftop. For this, go back outside and move around it until you see one of the ramps that lead you to the roof. Go inside the hatch and into the room.

There, you can pick up the key (it's a red card hanging from the wall) to access the main door. Head outside and enter the previously locked room to find the stash.

Your reward is the MGL-6 grenade launcher. That's all for this treasure hunt!

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