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Far Cry 6: How to navigate the dance club to solve And the Beat Goes On...

Rhythm of the night.

May I ask for this dance? Here's how to navigate the dance club and solve And The Beat Goes On... in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6's And the Beat Goes On... is one of the treasure hunts in the game.

This tasks you to climb, grapple, and swing around an abandoned dance club, while music plays in the background and jump over electrified puddles. Fun!

This page explains where to find pipe locations in Far Cry 6 to complete The Truest Yaran treasure hunt swiftly.

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Far Cry 6 And the Beat Goes On... location

Treasure hunts in Far Cry 6 are optional activities that often involve solving environmental puzzles and putting your grapple to good use with some acrobatics inside caves or military bases. At the end of each you will receive unique rewards, from unique weapons to weapon charms.

Here's where you can start And the Beat Goes On... treasure hunt:

  • And the Beat Goes On... location: Found between Segunda and Sabiduría Valley in Cruz del Salvador, southwest of the Hideout Montuno.

Now, let's jump to the steps to complete the quest.

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How to complete And the Beat Goes On... explained

This one starts by heading into the Danza Cave and reading the note on the locked door. From there, melee or shoot the wooden door and hop inside.

Head down the stairs to find an abandoned and flooded nightclub. There's a locked door that needs power, which we will return to later. For now, aim at the disco ball in the ceiling and use the grapple to hang yourself from it. Jump to the platform on the other end and activate the switch to turn on the lights.

Head back down and return to the locked door. The floor will be electrified, so watch your step - jump on the rocks to get to the other side.

Now, we'll be doing some climbing. It's all fairly straightforward, although at one point you will run out of ledges above you. Once there, you have to look to your right where there's a rope hanging from the ceiling, and jump to the ledge on the other end.

Move to the right using said ledge until you run out of room to keep moving. Look to your right to find another ledge with a blue cloth and the aforementioned rope, and take a jump. You're finally up.

The floor is yet again electrified, so we're taking the path on the right instead. Keep going until you see a small gap with a water current falling in between. Jump to the other side and start climbing upwards. There's yet another orange rope that you can use as reference as to where to jump towards.

The biggest difference compared to the similar segment from before is that the electrified water current will cancel your climbing if you get in touch with it. Fortunately, this can only happen when you're jumping across ledges with the water in between. It always repeats the same pattern, so just time your jump accordingly. Worst case scenario, you can climb all the way back again.

After you finish the climb, move to the other end to see a cavern pit that leads to an electrified puddle below. Use your grapple with the orange rope in the ceiling and descend slowly. Now, swing yourself forward and detach from the rope once you're close to the other end to fall safely on the ground.

We're getting closer to the end. Follow the path forward and climb the ledge with the blue piece of cloth. From there, look across the room - you'll see another electrified water current, as well as a grapple point in the ceiling. That's right, you're gonna have to time the next step just right to get to the other end. We recommend for you to do this in one go - activate the grapple, and as soon as the electricity stops, move forward and quickly detach yourself when you're close to the other end.

At long last, head to your left towards the purple-illuminated room to collect the Ay Lola “La Figura” USB stick, as well as a 1911 pistol and the Deader than Disco (Chrome) charm from inside the chest. That's all for this treasure hunt!

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