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Far Cry 6: Where to go first on the map in Far Cry 6 explained

Choices, choices.

Curious about where to start the main story? Here's where to go first on the map in Far Cry 6.

Where to go first on the map is one of the first big questions you'll face in Far Cry 6.

Protagonist Dani Rojas has to travel across Yara doing missions for three different factions, each located around a specific area of the sprawling map.

At the start of the story, you're given the option to choose which group you want to start helping first, which is intertwined with the regions you'll be visiting.

This page explains where to go first on the map in Far Cry 6, as well as the considerations to keep in mind with each one of the groups' surrounding areas.

On this page:

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Far Cry 6 map areas explained

After the first sequence in Far Cry 6, Dani Rojas ends up in a small island with the Libertad group. Complete a couple tasks for them and the game will suddenly open its map in full, as well as present you with a clear objective: convince the three factions of Yara to join forces.

In the usual video game fashion, you convince these factions to tag along by completing a myriad of quests for each. What's interesting is that you're able to pick any of the three, instead of the game imposing you an order.

At a glance, the missions and their respective regions / factions are as follows:

  • Meet the Monteros (Familia Montero in Madrugada)
  • Meet Máximas Matanzas) (Máximas Matanzas in Valle de Oro)
  • Meet the Legends (Leyendas del '67 in El Este)

Considering that Far Cry 6 introduces a levelling mechanic of sorts for your character, this also translates to enemy levels. Across all three regions there are smaller areas that follow this rule, showcasing a Rank Level when you're looking at the map - and this is an important consideration as to where you go first.

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Meet the Monteros, Meet Máximas Matanzas or Meet the Legends: Which Far Cry 6 map area should you start first?

Based upon the ranking of each region, we recommend you to start with Meet the Monteros, located in Madrugada (which composes the western side of Yara).

The surrounding areas are fairly tame in terms of Rank Level, which is perfect for the first few hours of the game. Keep in mind that as your character levels up, enemies will increase their defences and become stronger, which means that an area that used to be Rank 4 in the beginning can end up being Rank 13 towards the end of the game, for example.

All in all, the Familia Montero questline made for a welcoming experience that wasn't as hectic as the one from Leyendas del '67, which takes place inside a city under curfew.

Madrugada has tons of open roads and valleys to lose yourself into, and most importantly, get used to the game's quirks and obstacles in a more gentle pace.

Lastly, in case you were wondering, it's in Madrugada that you can unlock Chorizo - which is a good excuse as any to start there.

This all said, your initial choice will not stop you starting the other mission chains, or exploring the map in general (useful if you want to track down Triada Relic locations) - it's just fights might just become more difficult in certain areas.

If you are planning to explore, then learning how to destroy anti aircraft guns is worth knowing, so you can get around a little more freely.

Best of luck with wherever you decide to go first!