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Far Cry 6 The Long Drop: How to get the worker key and solve The Long Drop quest


Uncertain of how to get the worker key? Here's how to access the stash and solve The Long Drop quest in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6's The Long Drop is one of the treasure hunts in the game.

This tasks you to head inside a locked trailer that has a number of machines that must be activated in order. This will open up a canal which, in turn, allows you to grab a worker key and access the stash.

This page explains how to get the worker key to find the stash in Far Cry 6 and complete The Long Drop fast.

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Far Cry 6 The Long Drop location

Treasure hunts in Far Cry 6 are optional activities that often involve solving environmental puzzles and putting your grapple to good use with some acrobatics inside caves or military bases. At the end of each you will receive unique rewards, from unique weapons to weapon charms.

Here's where you can start The Long Drop treasure hunt:

  • The Long Drop location: Slightly northeast of Pequeño Reservoir in Santos Espinosa Dam, La Joya.

Now, let's jump to the steps to complete the quest.

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How to complete The Long Drop and get the worker key explained

You can start The Long Drop by reading a note in Santos Espinosa Dam, La Joya. It will task you to find a worker that has the key on him.

First, take the ladder that leads to the bridge that connects with the other side. The path itself is destroyed, but you can use a grapple hook above to swing to the other side. There, you will notice a control building. Go around it, open the fence door just by pushing it, and head to the front door. If you peek through the window you'll notice a lock on the other end - shoot it to unlock a way in.

From where you're standing, move slightly to either side of the window and look up - you can climb to the rooftop with just one tap. Then, move to the other end and let yourself fall to the back entrance, which is the one you've just unlocked.

Once inside the trailer, you'll have to interact with a few buttons and switches in a particular order.

Begin with the red button on the yellow machine next to the calendar, near the windows.

Then, press the button that is right before the soldier's body, which is the first one you see from the door you used to get in.

Continue by interacting with the valve that is right down the corridor from where you just pressed the button.

Lastly, press the button on the console inside the opened room.

Once that's all done, return to the bridge. You're going to use the grapple point again, but this time, descend all the way to ground level where the man's body resides. You can now pick up the key from him. Sorry bud.

At long last, return to the first shed where you picked up the note, open it and interact with the chest inside.

Your reward is the Excavation Execution shotgun. That's all for the treasure hunt!

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