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Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Platform location and how to get oil platform gun Supercharger explained

How to get one of the best shotguns in the game.

Far Cry 6's GDP Oil Platform is one of the more unique locations in the game.

Situated on the corner of the map, you'll visit this location during the Diesel Daisy mission from the Monteros storyline.

That said, it's worth visiting sooner to pick up one of the best unique weapons in Far Cry 6, the Supercharger.

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Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Platform location

To find the GDP Oil Platform, you must visit the Aguas Lindas area in the north-west of the map.

Appearing as an island just outside of Aguas Lindas in Madrugada, as mentioned you will visit this location as part of the Monteros storyline - but you can visit it at any time from leaving the starting island to pick up the Supercharger whenever you area ready.

How to use the GDP Oil Platform crane and get the gun

To get the Supercharger, you must activate a crane to lift a container by finding a switch.

Start by heading southwest of the oil platform:

Now, find the white room with the number '16' on the side.

Inside the room, find the red button but the window, and press it.

Look out of the window. You'll see how the crane lifts a container.

We're almost done. Head over to these containers - you'll want to head to the south-eastern side, if you are looking at the map - and go inside.

This is where you'll find the chest with the Supercharger.

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What is the GDP Oil Platform gun, the Supercharger?

Here's what you need to know about the reward, the GDP Oil Platform gun, the Supercharger:

  • Attachment mods: Buckshot Rounds (high-damage close-range high spread pellets), X-Large Classic Suppressor (greatly reduces weapon noise and impairs effective range)
  • Mods: Fast Reload (improves reload speed), Keep it Cool (improves suppressor cooling rate)

If you're a firm believer that shotguns can be used at long-range and for stealth, the Supercharger approves this theory. It doesn't have the reach of a rifle, but it will take down enemies in both short to mid distances without a problem - making it a superb addition to your arsenal.

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