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Far Cry 6's Lost Between Worlds expansion traps players in a surreal alien simulation

And it's launching next week.

Ubisoft has unveiled Lost Between Worlds, a new expansion for Far Cry 6 that'll whisk players away to a fractured alien version of Yara when it launches on 6th December.

Lost Between Worlds' surreal extraterrestrial action begins when Far Cry 6 protagonist Dani Rojas inadvertently stumbles across a crashed alien ship inhabited by an alien AI known as FAI. Unfortunately for Dani, FAI immediately seals the surrounding area and demands they embark on a quest to retrieve five crystals needed to repair their ship - each one hidden away in a mysterious rift containing a fractured simulation of Yara.

There are familiar locations twisted into a surreal architectural kaleidoscope, others plunged deep underwater, and still others ravaged by endless lightning storms. Every rift features multiple routes via orange and purple portals, and players will need to use their combat, parkour, and puzzle skills to pick their way through and retrieve the crystal housed in each one.

Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Combat is also a little different to the Far Cry 6 norm in Lost Between Worlds, utilising a colour-matching mechanic that sees players swapping between red and blue ammo on the fly to take down enemies of the same colour.

Based on the details shared in Ubisoft's livestream reveal, Lost Between Worlds appears to have a touch of the roguelike about it, with players needing to traverse rifts more than once, getting stronger and receiving new gear with each successfully retrieved crystal. Finding glints within a rift enables players to jump to that point in the future, and acquiring the likes of the Rift Key will let them open doors in each rift to create shortcuts that persist on subsequent run-throughs. Similarly, players can unlock a Fractal Bomb, capable of blasting through crystal walls to reveal hidden new weapons and goodies, plus a grapple for additional traversal options.

You can get a taste of Lost Between Worlds' fractured action in the announcement trailer above and if that whets your appetite, the expansion will be available on 6th December. Existing Far Cry 6 players can purchase it for £17.99/$19.99 USD, and there's also an Upgrade Pass including the expansion and previously released season pass for $29.99 USD. Finally, newcomers to Far Cry 6 can grab the Game of the Year edition, containing the base game, season pass, and expansion. Currently, this costs $49.99, which is 60% off its usual price.

Ahead of Lost Between Worlds' arrival, Ubisoft has released a free update for Far Cry 6, adding New Game Plus mode and the Completionist Aid feature. The latter is designed to help players more easily track their progress, giving pointers to things they've missed.

A free trial is also now available, featuring Far Cry 6's opening chapter, with progress carrying over to the main game should you be sufficiently intrigued to make a purchase.

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